While many singles have stopped going on dates to avoid human contact while coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly, those in relationships have other things to deal with at this time and their relationship, according to Twitter, is being put to the test — especially if they already live together or have decided to quarantine together.

Because, let's be real, spending a lot of time with anyone can be too much, especially when it's a romantic partner. With schools and events being canceled worldwide and companies working from home, coronavirus is definitely putting couples to the test.

Here are 10 ways COVID-19 is really testing the strength of you and your relationship, whether new or old.

1. You want to avoid human contact, but also want to see each other

2. If one of you gets it, you probably won't see them for at least 14 days

3. You'll probably have to cancel any upcoming vacations you have planned together

4. You won't be able to see each others' families for some time

5. You'll probably start to get bored of Netflix and chilling together

6. You might even start to argue over the remote

7. You'll likely only be seeing each other (if even that) for a while, sorry friends

8. FaceTime calls might have to take the place of some date nights

9. You'll have to share your quarantine snacks against your will

10. If you live together and you're both working from home, you'll probably be itching to get back into the office soon

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