If you've seen "Boys Meets World," then you know about the iconic couple that is Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence. The two were together for pretty much the entire show, and even before they officially started dating, they were together without even knowing it. They are the definition of true love.

1. The fact that they loved each other for their entire lives. 

Even as goofy children, they still knew that they wanted to be together.

2. When they were "broken up," they couldn't really bring themselves to date someone else. 

They tried, but they knew they could never really leave the other.

3. Even when everyone else doubted their relationship, both of them knew everyone else was wrong. 

Their parents, friends, and teachers disapproved at some point, but Cory and Topanga didn't care what others thought.

4. They sacrificed things to be together. 

Yale was a dream of hers, but so was being with Cory.

5. She always understood how important Shawn was to Cory. 

She knew she couldn't come between their bromance.

6. No matter what, they just knew. 

Even when they were kids.

7. Cory followed her to Florida to prove how much he loved her. 

Because he couldn't go a week without her knowing his feelings.

8. She asked to stay with her aunt rather than move to Pittsburgh, to be close to Cory. 

Because she knew they were meant to be together.

9. Cory asked her to just be her weird, Topanga self. 

He may have thought she was weird as a kid, but that's the Topanga he loved.

10. They loved everything about each other. 

Even the small things.

11. They knew how to be themselves around each other. 

They were so comfortable being themselves around each other.

12. After they got married, they dealt with their struggles together. 

They had problems with their first apartment together, but after some time, they accepted the fact that they had to work through things as a married couple now.

13. They couldn't stand the thought of ever hurting the other person. 

True love, people, true love.

They had their imperfections of course, but no one loves each other more than Cory and Topanga.