I grew up listening to my local country music station, 92.5. We all have our own version of it depending on where you're from. My station is a vital part of life in Connecticut, as it's the only country station we have in my area. I was listening to Brooks and Dunn, Rascal Flatts, and Shania Twain while other kids were listening to the Jonas Brothers and other popular culture artists of the time. I would say I missed out a bit when it comes to certain groups like the Jonas Brothers, but I wouldn't change what I grew up listening to for the world. When I think about falling in love, I think about the love I hear about in country songs, and that's what I hope to find someday.

Country artists talk about love in the sweetest and simplest ways, cue Simple by Florida Georgia Line as a prime example. They sing about love without sugarcoating it. Love can be so simple and carefree because it shouldn't matter what other people say. Artists sing such captivating little stories about chance meetings that I cannot get enough of. Country songs are often brutally honest about love in all forms, whether it's healthy or unhealthy. Breakups, cheating, marriage, and sex are all spoken about in ways that I see as tactful, not lurid and over the top.

I have always fantasized about meeting some tall, handsome country loving man on the dance floor with a catchy country song on in the background to set the mood. I want to be seen as this force he can't pull away from. It's that moment where the world just stops and the feeling in the air is electric. I feel like meeting someone like that is just a fantasy you can only sing along to in a country song, but I want to make it a reality for myself as I've seen others do. The struggle of finding someone to create these moments with is what many of us hopeless romantics face. Being a country music lover in a world where country music seems to be rejected and judged at every corner makes it even harder for me. I tell a guy I like country music and they seem to run for the hills in the end.

When I go to concerts, I let myself get lost in the lyrics, and ignore the fact that everyone around me seems to be coupled up while I'm just chilling single pringle every concert season. It must be really nice to hear a song and have someone to sing it along with. It's like sending a meme to someone you think of all the time, but instead, it's songs. Send me songs that make you think of me and I'm ALL yours.

Summer and country music come hand in hand in my opinion, and the thought of falling in love at this time of year is something I've always seen as too good to be true. Summer is also synonymous with breakups, and those people don't always want to hop back into something right away. I'm at a point where I'm not quite ready to start talking to guys again, but when I am ready, I hope he's someone I can fall for as effortlessly as Kane Brown sings about heaven. I won't accept a love that's anything less than the standards set by country musicians for decades.