If you have a significant other, odds are, you've slept together. And no, I don't mean sex — just sleeping in the same bed (lol).

Regardless of whether it's every day, sometimes or rarely, every couple has their go-to sleeping position. Here are the 10 common ones and what they say about your relationship:

1. The spoon

Are you (or your partner) protective of the other? This is where the “big spoon" sleeps behind the “little spoon," front to back touching, and it likely represents a relationship where one partner is protective of the other. Security is important to you as a couple, and you often allow yourselves to be vulnerable around each other.

2. The jetpack

Basically the opposite of spooning — this is where the “little spoon" spoons the “big spoon." If you and your S.O. sleep in this dynamic versus traditional spooning, you probably have a pretty open, trusting (and potentially goofy!) relationship.

3. Pillow talk

Zayn, where you at? If you fall asleep facing each other, you two likely have a relationship that is very dependent on emotional intimacy and open, honest communication.

4. Back kissers

Usually sleeping with your backs touching, you and your partner probably feel comfortable with your relationship dynamic and are typically very relaxed around each other.

5. Liberty

If you and your partner usually sleep back-to-back without touching, you both likely feel a large sense of independence in your relationship and are supportive of each other's individual endeavors.

…That, or you just make each other too hot when you sleep too close.

6. Tangled

Legs, arms, hands intertwined — this sleeping position represents an intimate, intense relationship. You probably feel head-over-heels for your partner.

7. Stargazing

You were both probably back-sleepers, to begin with, so this position just makes sense. You're likely both introverts and have a down-to-earth, simple relationship dynamic.

8. The nuzzle

One partner rests their head on the other (cue the “aww"s). If you and your S.O. sleep in this position, you likely have a romantic, vibrant and strong relationship.

9. One appendage

Maybe cuddling body-to-body is just too much. Maybe one of you snores too loudly. Regardless, you still want to be touching somehow, so connecting legs, touching feet or holding hands is the solution. You both are probably independent but still highly value physical expressions of love.

10. The bed hog

No matter how much you love your S.O., everyone hates this position. Candidly, I hope you never end up with someone who does this. If your partner does, they likely feel entitled and dominant in the relationship, so it's probably time for a chat.