As we grow up and work our way through college and navigating “adult life," most of us find that “special someone." For Mason Whitis and Madison Moxley (both 23 years old), they did exactly that.

The couple is from Louisville, Kentucky, and they met and have been together for over 2 years. According to Madison's Facebook post sharing their story, they met on Tinder and then met up at Kohl's — about which she writes "don't do that kids" — and they ended up talking all night.

Madison said she thought about long-term goals (marriage) for their relationship when she heard love songs or watched movies about love and would just start sobbing. Madison said she knew he was “the one" because he loves her so much and makes her feel so loved.

On September 1, Madison announced their engagement.

How did they announce their engagement, you ask? With hilariously cringe-worthy photos of '80s-themed photos taken at J.C. Penney, which she later posted on social media.

Like this...

Madison shared that humor and laughter have always been an important part of their relationship, so when Mason (who apparently loves the aesthetic behind the classic '80s cringe studio photos) came up with the idea of this kind of engagement photoshoot, she just went with it because it showed the unique-ness of their relationship and she swears they can't do anything without being “extra."

But one thing they never expected was that it would go viral. Madison's announcement post now has 15k likes and 16k shares. She says they wanted to do something funny regarding their photos so they could have something to look back on and laugh about it.

And, for now, Mason and Madison win the internet with the best engagement photos I've seen in a long time. Who needs a fancy photographer out in an open field in a sundress when you have sweaters, long socks, and your hair tied in a scrunchie?

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