Couples out there, listen up. Look, I get it, thinking of new ways to keep date night interesting is hard. Either the fun things are too expensive or you are too beat at the end of the week to actually go out on dates.

You may be ready to call it quits on date night. But, I say to you, don't! These 15 creative dates will be just what you need to bring back the excitement of date night.

1. The movie date — revamped

It is about time the movie date got a makeover. Set up a projector in your driveway - or inside if you have the right wall space - pop in a movie on your laptop, bring out your comfy futton and enjoy. Add some pillows and blankets to make it super cozy. Of course, you can't forget the snacks!

2. The stargazing date

Get in your car and find a secluded lot that you can park in. Hop on the hood, lay back and gaze up at the stars. There are stargazing apps you can download so you know what constellations to look for. Either way, this is a great place to just lay in each other's arms.

3. The exploring date

Get in your car and explore your neighborhood. You are bound to find some amazing hidden gems you've never been to before. Hang out on a beach you've never been to. Go to a quirky restaurant that isn't overpriced and overly fancy. Check out some shops you've never noticed before and buy each other a secret gift. Or just drive and notice all the things you haven't before. You will be amazed at what you will find when you just get in the car and drive.

4. The half-and-half date

This one definitely has the potential to be interesting. You plan one half of the date, and he plans the other half. Neither of you tells the other what you've planned. You can make it into a little game of sorts. Like whoever has the least fun half of the date has to let the other one play DJ in the car with no complaints or something like that.

5. The kid date

Don't lie, we all have that inner kid in us just dying to come out every once in a while. Why not let them out when you are with your S.O.? Play on a playground, jump on a trampoline, have bicycle races. Just do everything you loved to do as a kid, together!

6. The dinner date 2.0

Now, there is no need to throw out the dinner date, but we can all agree it needs a little revamping. Instead of going out or ordering take-out, cook the dinner together. Whether it is making pizzas with crazy toppings, trying recipes you've never had before or picking a dish from different countries to make, this date has maximum fun potential.

7. The unplugged date

Disconnect. Turn off the cell phones. Shut the television off. Completely remove yourself from all things technology, and have some fun being together. You could even make this better by making a fort and turning it into an indoor camping experience.

8. The slightly illegal date

Take a walk on the wild side with your guy or girl. Maybe a little graffiti or even some skinny dipping in a lake. Doing something slightly naughty with your S.O. can really bring you closer together.

9. The memory lane date

Take your special someone on a trip down memory lane. Take them to your old neighborhood, and show them where you grew up. Your old stomping grounds, tell them the stories behind your favorite park or the drunken stories of you and your friends at your favorite bars. Let them get a peek at who you used to be.

10. The old-time date

Get out all the old-time board games you can find. I am talking Monopoly, Clue, Battleship, whatever you used to play as a kid. Or pop in an old movie on the TV while eating the desserts you used to have as a kid. Go back in time with this date.

11. The truth or dare date

Engage in a game of truth or dare. This has the potential of going in many directions. Make the dares as crazy as you can possibly come up with. Make the questions for truth funny or bizarre.

12. The scavenger hunt date

Each of you can plan your own scavenger hunt game for each other. Base it on anything you want. Maybe you have a long history together and you want to test each other to see who remembers the most? Or maybe you want to see who knows who the best? Whatever the topic, this date will definitely be one to remember.

13. The triathlon date

Come up with three of the most ridiculous challenges you can think of and compete to see who is the best. Maybe you want to do something like putting together the craziest outfit, M&M eating and the funniest dance or whatever combination of three ridiculous events you can think of.

14. The open water date

Go surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, whatever water activity you both have never done before. Trying new things with your guy or girl is a great bonding experience and provides funny memories for the future.

15. The puppy date

There is NOTHING better than puppies. Go ahead, try and think of something better. You can't. They bring joy and happiness into our lives. Now, not every couple is ready to co-parent a puppy; that doesn't mean you can't incorporate them into your dates, though. Head on down to your local shelter and volunteer to walk and socialize the puppy.