We all love hearing those songs that just give us the feels. We also love thinking about our dream wedding one day, even if we are unsure if that day will ever come. Here are some modern love songs that will give you all the feels as they speak of a realistic and forever love. They will either give you hope for your future wedding, or make you wonder where your perfect guy is at.

1. "Never Stop (Wedding Version)" by Safety Suit

This is a hidden gem that many of you might have not heard. It literally makes me want to cry every time. "I will never stop choosing you babe, I will never get used to you."

2. "Parallel Line" by Keith Urban

This is a very mature, and subtle love song, but it is so beautiful. No wonder its cowritten by Ed Sheeran. "Baby it's time, to put our hearts in a parallel line."

3. "Bigger Than Us" by Adam Doleac

This song speaks about the adventure and confidence of true love. The love of two people together is bigger than they are individually. "Baby this love is a long-haul highway, stronger than time and force and steal."

4. "The Rest of Our Life" by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

This song reminds that as long as we experience true love nothing else in life really matters.

"Oh I'll be fine even if time takes its toll, we'll stay young for the rest of our lives."

5. "Grow Old with Me" by Thomas Odell

This song gets straight to the point--I want to grow old with you. "And our hands might age and our bodies will change, but we'll still be the same as we are."

6. "Yours (Wedding Version)" by Russell Dickerson

This song reminds of that true love is about bettering the other person. "You make me better than I was before, thank God I'm yours."

7. "Perfect for Me" by Ron Pope

This is a very realistic song in saying that although we may not be perfect people, we are perfect for each other and will make it work no matter what. "And I know you too well to say that you're perfect, But you'll see, oh my sweet love, that you're perfect for me."

8. "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran

We have all hear this song. It's not only perfect because Ed Sheeran sings it, but it talks about taking advantage of the little moments.

9. "Dance with Me" by Phillip Phillips

This is a classic first dance song, and it's so moving. "And when the song ends, and everyone leaves, will you dance one more with me."

10. "From the Ground Up," Dan + Shay

This reminds us of an old-school love that starts from nothing and turns into an amazing life. "And will build this love from the ground up, for worse or for better."