I'm more dramatic than the women on soap operas, and I overreact to everything. Somehow you look past it, and you love me anyway. Here's an article for YOU expressing exactly what you want to say, but you are too afraid to say it because I might overreact.

1. I overreact to everything.

I know that whatever that girl said about me wasn't a big deal. I will never say anything to her face because I'm too nice to start fights. I will, however, go on about it to you for at least three weeks. I'll do it because I can confide in you (and you're the only one who doesn't complain about my complaining). Take it as a compliment.

2. I cry... a lot.

I know how uncomfortable you get when my voice gets all pinched and tears start welling up in my eyes. I know that in that instant you feel helpless because I am crying about something that is completely out of your control. I am probably crying because I'm stressed out, or the barista got my drink wrong AGAIN. I'm crying because I feel safe around you, and I know that you can make it better (you always do).

3. My laugh is obnoxious.

When something is funny to me everyone knows. I have this hysterical belly laugh that cannot be mistaken. Sometimes you laugh along with me, and sometimes you're probably secretly waiting for it to stop (or waiting for a passive-aggressive text from your roommate). Either way, I'm going to laugh it out eventually, and if it's funny enough I'll laugh about it later, too.

4. I need attention.

I'm like a puppy, but you didn't have to teach me where to pee. I'm always sitting with my legs across your lap, or trying to hold your hand in the car. This is partly due to my insecurity, and partly due to the fact that I want attention 24/7. Your attention (and Starbucks) is what gets me through my day.

5. I'm easily offended.

*Rolls over and faces the opposite direction*

When you say something that offends me (in the slightest) I'm going to act like you just said you hated me. This goes hand-in-hand with my need for attention. I'll pretend to be mad at you only to let up once you do something cute or apologize. Aren't I stubborn?

6. I overly express my positive feelings.

I often have negative feelings because I am a worry wart. So, when I have positive feelings I shout them to the world. I tell you "I love you" almost four times a day, I Tweet about you nonstop, and I tell everyone how awesome you are. Do you see a trend here? You are the most positive thing in my life. So, here's an explanation for why I tweeted a picture of the teddy bear that you bought me.

7. Drama queens are often perfectionists.

If something isn't perfect, I'm the first person to point it out. I'm very quick to point out flaws in anything. If my grade in a class turns out to be 89, I'm probably going to cry. If someone is wearing navy blue shorts with a black shirt, I'm going to point it out. If your apartment is a mess, I'm going to try to clean it. Though you probably aren't offended by the last one (and your roommate probably isn't either), I felt as though I had to explain myself.

Dating a drama queen definitely has its pros and cons. You somehow look past the cons and love me for the pros. If you are reading this article right now, just know that I'm probably about to ask you to get off your phone and pay attention to me.