Since we were in middle school, boys have stuck to their narrow-minded narrative that they prefer "natural looking girls." And while that is completely fine and a legitimate preference, there are way too many perks that come along with dating a girl who's infatuated with makeup to pass her up simply because you can't take her swimming on the first date.

1. Her lips will always look kissable.

A good liquid lipstick will always have her lips looking incredibly plump and kissable at all times. The best part? Most of them are kiss proof too.

2. She knows a lot about facial features.

Say goodbye to feeling insecure about your looks. She will constantly remind you which of your facial features she loves and wishes she had. You may have never noticed your high cheekbones, long lashes, or prominent cupid's bow... but you will now.

3. She keeps handy tools in her purse at all times.

You'd be surprised how often you might need to borrow her eyelash glue or tweezers. Don't worry, she's always prepared and has you covered.

4. Your skin will end up improving.

Wearing heavy makeup is only possible when you have a good skincare routine to go along with it. Just because she's dating you doesn't mean that she'll be giving up her skin care routine as a result. In fact, she'll likely encourage you to improve your routine. Kinda a win-win.

5. She'll always look good enough to show off.

You will literally never be embarrassed to take her out in public. She'll always be looking good. And I mean SO good.