Between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin and Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's fast-moving relationships it is no secret that quick engagements have become a recent trend in 2018. The anti-hopless romantic in me can't help but fight against this ludicrous trend.

I have come up with 11 better things to do as a couple INSTEAD of getting engaged after, you know, knowing each other for only three weeks.

1. Learn their middle name.

Do you really know a person if you don't know their middle name? It has been three weeks, and odds are you don't know this about each other yet. Chandler from Friends had the middle name of MURIEL. That could be a deal breaker for some people.

2. Go on a fancy date.

You know what's more economical than an engagement ring or a divorce? An elegant meal at a fancy restaurant.

3. Get a puppy.

This is the typical millennial move for couples who plan to get engaged. First comes love. Then comes puppy. Then comes marriage. In that order. Don't mess it up.

4. Meet each other's families.

I feel like if you're getting engaged after only three weeks there's a huge chance you're skipping some important steps. Like this one for example. Try meeting the family more than once before you pop the question.

5. Go on a trip.

What if they are a control freak and plan the entire itinerary without allowing any of your input, what if they complain about everything, what if they blame you anytime y'all get lost, what if they don't even like going on trips? These are the things YOU. NEED. TO. KNOW.

6. Attend a wedding.

If you have wedding fever why don't you just enjoy someone else's wedding and dance your lives away. Afterward, ask the bride how much her family spent and you might rethink an engagement real quick.

7. Meet each other's friends.

Not only should you have approval from family, but having the approval of your friends is important, too. You should probably be sure your friend group likes being around your bf/gf before you commit to someone forever.

8. Join a gym.

It's a lot easier to cancel a gym membership than it is to cancel a wedding. Just saying.

9. Move in together.

I mean I feel like even this is too soon after only three weeks, but it's definitely better than an engagement.

10. Role play.

Maybe instead of a real wedding you could do a weird, kinky fake wedding? Whatever works.

11. Go on a hike together.

You find out a lot about a person by simply going on a hike together. I mean Jess from "New Girl" found out Robby was her cousin on their hike. A very important detail to know before you marry a person.