"What do you want to do?"

We have all heard it, probably more than once. As much as us girls like getting our way, we love it when guys put in the effort when courting us. So when they ask us what we want to do on a date, that they asked us on, we tend to feel a little deflated.

But luckily for all the guys out there, I made a list of some great, inexpensive, and fun date ideas to do. Now, they don't have an excuse to use, and they can use this as a cheat sheet. And of course, it starts with building a blanket fort (because what girl doesn't want to go on a cute blanket fort date?).

1. Build a fort with pillows and blankets, and watch a serial killer marathon while eating pizza rolls.

2. Go to a bookstore and leave notes to future readers in copies of your favorite books.

3. In the middle of the night, go to your towns best sunrise watching area so you get to see the sunrise. Bring your favorite breakfast food to eat.

4. Go thrifting and find the most ridiculous and cutest outfits for each other. Buy either one and wear it out to dinner.

5. Do goat yoga with each other.

6. Go to your local farmers market, buy fresh produce and flowers, and go home and make dinner with the ingredients you bought.

7. Buy the biggest puzzle you can find at Goodwill and spend the day putting it together.

8. Go to a museum.

9. Go on a coffee hop around your city and find the best place to get a latte.

10. Go to different places around town, putting googly eyes on different things.

11. If you have journals, pull them out and read them to each other.

12. Go camping in the backyard. Roast marshmallows, eat takeout, and tell ghost stories (or watch a horror movie).

13. Wash the car together.

14. Watch a documentary together.

15. Give each other $5 and see who can find the coolest thing in a thrift store, and then buy it.

16. Go to Target together and browse through all the aisles.

17. Go paint pottery together, then exchange them.

18. Go on a bike ride together.

19. Dress up and go to a musical you've never heard of/never seen before.

20. Buy canvases and paint each other a picture.

21. Go to the zoo.

22. Ride the light rail and get off at a random stop and pick out your date place according to where you are.

23. Go to a bookstore and pick out a book for each other. Cozy up and read them in each other's presence.

24. Go to the rich neighborhoods and look at all the pretty houses, creating your own dream home.

25. Grab a penny and get in the car. Choose a number between 10-20, which will be the number of times you flip the penny. Get on the road and flip the coin. Heads is right, tails is left. Every time you come to an intersection flip the penny and turn that way. Once you get to the number, stop, and make a date where you are.

26. Blindly scroll through Pinterest for a dinner idea and whatever you stop on, you have to try to make.

27. Road trip to a weird tourist spot in your town/city/state. Make each other playlists with songs that remind you each of each other.

28. Go on a double date with the best friend and significant other.

29. Take old, unwanted books, and make black out poetry together. It can be serious, sad, funny, weird, etc.

30. Go hiking and have a picnic.

31. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

32. Go fruit picking.