You love your significant other, right? But are you loving them based off of their love language? If your partner's love language is quality time and you can't seem to get date night right, try planning some of these date night ideas ASAP! It'll surely melt their heart.

1. Go sledding and drink hot chocolate together afterward.

Sledding, quite possibly the best snow day activity out there. If you and your significant other love spending time out in the snow than this is honestly the perfect date idea. Afterwards you two can even cozy up on the couch drinking hot chocolate together and potentially planning your next great adventure.

2. Have a game night

3. Read a book together

4. Volunteer together.

Maybe you and your significant other have big hearts for volunteerism, and even if volunteering is not at the top of your list, it is a great way to spend time with one another and give back to your community in some form. I honestly do not know what could be better than that.

5. Work out together

6. Go thrift shopping

7. Stay in bed and binge watch a show together

8. Take a community education class with each other.

Community education classes are a fun learning and bonding experience for couples. You may learn that you are good at something you did not think you would be good at or that you love something you did not think you would love, all because you tried it with your significant other.

9. Go line dancing

10. Cook a meal together (or have breakfast in bed)

11. Camp out in your backyard

12. Go for a hike and watch the sunset or sunrise.

This is honestly such a fun date idea for those of us who are just trying to incorporate more movement into our daily lives. Depending on the time you & your significant other go, you could even enjoy the sunset or sunrise together. You get to spend time with your person, move your body, and watch something beautiful. I see no losses here.

13. Go fruit-picking

14. Try a new restaurant or coffee shop in town

15. Have a movie night.

Who doesn't love a nice relaxing movie night? Maybe watch something new or an old favorite? Either way it is bound to be a fun time.

If you have not taken the love language test, you can do that right here.

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