Dating someone with a twin can be a totally different experience. It comes with a whole set of challenges, weird scenarios, and questions. Here’s what it’s like to date someone with a twin.

1. Everyone is confused.

Typically, at least in the beginning of the relationship, a common question is, “Which one are you dating?” Even though they don’t mean to be rude or nosey, people are just generally confused and trying to straighten it out in their brains.

2. “Oh, so my boyfriend's/girlfriend’s twin…”

Somehow, some way, your significant other’s twin comes up in way too many conversations. The two are inseparable and always doing stuff together. It’s hard not to mention the fact that “Oh hey, my boyfriend/girlfriend has a copy of his/herself just walking around.”

3. The third-wheeling!

Yes, it gets annoying after the tenth time your significant other’s twin wants to just “tag along” with you guys. Sometimes, you feel bad. You wish they had someone like you do.

Then you come to the realization: they are not the third wheel. You are. Their inside jokes, bickering, storytelling, matching outfits, games, etc. can leave you out in the cold. You like to call yourself his/her “other half", but you know you’re just kidding yourself.

4. The low-key fear of getting confused yourself...

You are typically the one to correct others when they call the person you are dating by their twin’s name. However, you have the really subtle fear that you will make the same mistake.

It’s almost like when moms run through all your siblings' names before getting to yours, but worse. It just sets yourself up and everyone else for #1 "Everyone is confused" all over again.

5. You're the mediator.

It’s no secret that siblings argue. However, it’s worse when you somehow get involved. You want what’s best for the both of them, but they say the road to Hell is paid with good intentions.

It can be hard to take a step back, not get involved, and let the two figure it out amongst themselves. You want to help them, but sometimes sibling rivalry can get complicated.

6. The double support!

At the end of the day, the two peas in a pod have your back. They completely support you and the relationship that you are in. You couldn’t imagine going through this relationship without both of them.