If you're reading this, it's a healthy assumption that you are stressing out about your next date. You're trying to figure out how to make your first or next date interesting and memorable without breaking the bank.

You're in luck. I've collected the ideal date ideas from a variety of girls with dramatically different personality types to help make your next date planning a lot easier. These dates are easy, unique, and sure to impress anyone.

Here are 30 date ideas that will impress your significant other:

1. Go to a theme park/fair 30 minutes before it closes and see how many rides you can get on.

2. Bike ride around the city and see who can take better pictures.

3. Buy produce from your local farmers market and have a cook-off.

4. Have an outdoor picnic and watch the sunset.

5. Do a model home mansion tour and pretend like you're new buyers.

6. Visit a local lake or body of water and stargaze on kayaks (or air mattresses if you're quirky like that).


7. Find a "first class free" at a local studio (yoga, pilates, etc.) and go together.

8. Sneak into hotel pools.

9. DIY wine and paint night at your house.


10. Volunteer together at your local food bank.

11. Go on an evening hike together.

12. Hammock together.

13. Have a sleepover in the bed of a truck with pillows and blankets. Bring snacks.


14. Play "quarter flip." Get in your car and flip a quarter at every stop light or turn. If you land on heads you turn right, if you land on tails you turn left. After you flip it fifteen times times, see where you end up!

15. Show up to a concert you don't have tickets to and see if you can get any at the box office or through scalpers. (Be careful!)

16. Costco or Sam's Club date where you eat free samples, look at random things then have a hot dog and a drink for $1.50 in the food court.

17. Visit a local bookstore and pick out books for each other to read. Bonus points if the local bookstore has a coffee shop as well.


18. Paint pottery for each other at a local pottery shop. (Check Groupon for deals)

19. Go to one of your old high school's football or basketball games together.

20. Go to an improv or comedy show.

21. Support your communities theater programs and go to one of their shows. (High school, college, community theater, etc.)

22. Make your own pizza together.


23. Drive-in movie but see movie's you've never even heard of before.

24. Order a dozen donuts and try the craziest flavors they have there.

25. Play hide and go seek at Ikea.

26. Go line/swing/salsa dancing.


27. Go to a local rodeo or equestrian event.

28. Invite your friends over for a game night.

29. Visit a local bed and breakfast for a night.


30. Volunteer at a local animal rescue.

Guys... no matter what you choose to do for your first or next date, bring her flowers and open her doors and I promise the date will be a success.