I remember my first boyfriend. We were in 7th grade. He was in a lot of my classes, shorter than I was and quiet. We really only texted/talked on the phone, and held hands on the way to class. We never hung out and we never kissed. So romantic!


Dating as a teenager is one of the most stressful things going on in a teen's life. We want to date because, romance and relationships are all around us. We see it on TV, movies, singers we like, it's everywhere! The pressure of dating is pushed so much on that age group that they jump right in with no expectations and no idea of what to do. As a 16-year-old, I was confused, my mom definitely steered me in the right direction (thanks mom!).

But here's 16 pieces of love advice I wish I could tell MYSELF at 16:

1. Just because that boy tells you you look better with makeup DOESN'T mean you need it.

Mom will tell you this too, listen to her!

2. It might hurt, but the pain of that break up will not last.

3. Don't text him after the break up, he doesn't deserve to know you're thinking about him.

4. You are your own person, don't force yourself to be something you're not to please a boy.

Another piece of mom advice you should listen to.

5. Don't be afraid to tell that boy to go screw off. 

6. If he doesn't like your friends, dump him.

7. If he doesn't like your family, or refuses to go to family outings with you, dump him.

8. Don't date a guy just because he tells you you're pretty. Anyone can tell you're pretty, date the guy that says he likes your intelligence.

Brains over beauty any day!

9. School and family come first, boys come second.

10. Talk to mom about everything, she knows what to say and she's right.

11. If that boy spreads rumors around about you, ignore them. People who REALLY know you, won't believe them.

13. Do what makes YOU happy, not your boyfriend.

13. If mom doesn't like him, you shouldn't

Believe me, mom can sense a bad guy from a mile away. Trust her instinct, but also figure out how to detect them on your own

14. You are strong, don't let him make you feel weak.

15. If he yells at you, makes you feel unsafe, tell mom and break up with him.

16. NO BOY is EVER entitled to YOUR body. If you don't feel comfortable doing something, DO NOT DO IT.

Just because your boyfriend wants to have sex or drink or anything, DOES NOT mean that you have to. There is no "but that's what people do when they're in love" DO NOT DO IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY.