Mothers are, in my opinion, my greatest gift in life. If I didn't have my Momma I'd have no one to listen to me complain about my friends, boyfriend or just about anything. She listens, hears you out, and finally gives you advice.

Most of the time, it's followed by the infamous eye roll, and, "Ugh, come on mom, that just won't work!"

But ever since I got older I've realized that life's greatest advice when it comes to dating was from my Momma's mouth.

Did other people feel that way? Or was I the only one.

The only way to answer that was from a handy-dandy google form and the feedback I got was absolutely amazing or should I say that our moms are absolutely amazing.

From the ages 17 to 23, men and women all over the world ask for advice (or don't) and receive the wisest words.

1. Moms Who Know People's Worth From The Get-Go

Love at first sight, or knowing that that person isn't the one at first sight. This mom tells her daughter to watch all of the signs- that person shows you who they are and they don't even know it.

"Find someone who is kind-hearted. You'll know right away if someone is kind or not. Watch the way they treat servers or cab drivers. It'll say a lot about who they are. "

and this Momma who knows exactly what she wanted and wanted to spread her likes and dislikes onto her daughter:

“Your partner should make you a better you with constant joys and laughter, not bring you down with worry and sadness."

Last, but certainly not least, this Momma who thinks your BAE should be your BFF too:

"The person you are with should be your best friend. You should be able to do anything with them and still have fun."

2. Moms Who Make Sure Your Put YOU First

Because we use the word BAE too much, the only person that should be "before anyone else" should be YOU.

This Mom's words will forever be engraved in my mind:

"My mom is a big advocate in making sure that you always put yourself first. A saying that she has followed in her life and has given me as advice is, “You may want them in your life but you do not need them in your life." In other words, having that person in your life may be what you believe brings you happiness. But if they are causing you to be unhappy with yourself or causing so many issues you don't know what is right or wrong, you don't need them. You deserve to be treated like a queen and if a significant other cannot offer that then you need to move on. You are more than capable of living a much happier life without them. "

Absolutely beautiful...

"You won't be happy unless you learn to love yourself and put yourself first before anybody else "

And never forget:

"Never settle for less than you deserve, and if something isn't going to affect you in a couple years, don't let it bring you down. Work hard and become successful."

3. The Moms Who Mix In Some Humor!

I'm still laughing at this one:

"Men are all the same just in different shapes and sizes."

I literally couldn't agree more.

"If you can't date nice, date rich. All jokes aside, date someone who makes you smile and feel at peace. "

There is nothing wrong with marrying someone who has money, but remember don't let your greed get in the way of actual feelings.

4. The Moms Who Lead By Example

Because who's best to follow than your own Momma?

"No spoken advice, just the relationship between her and my dad as a model. If my marriage is half as happy and successful as theirs is, I'll be a lucky girl."

I think these Moms should meet up because honestly, they think the same thing!

"Always make sure he respects you. Look at your father and I. Do you like the way he treats me? Do you want to be treated like that? Make sure you never expect less than what you deserve. Always make sure he knows his place in your life but, never rely on him for you happiness, income, and education. Be your own person. You are YOU. He doesn't own you, never forget that."

4. Moms Who Should Write Their Own Book

I say that because these advice quotes are just too damn good to go unrecognized.

"In a basic summary she's taught me, 'What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.' This quote is the epitome of what my mother has taught me growing up."

"Just because you lose someone, it doesn't make it a loss."

"This is going to sound weird, but the best advice my mom gave me was when I was really little and at daycare. My teacher wanted me to share my toy and I threw a tantrum saying I didn't want to. I carried that bear everywhere and he was very valuable to me. When my mom came to pick me up the teacher told her how I wouldn't share so she took my teddy away. My mom looked at her calmly and said, 'My daughter will no longer have to share her toy.' The lady fought with her and I wound up being withdrawn from the preschool. In the car, I asked my mom if I was in trouble (kids have sharing drummed into them that they have to). My mom turned around and looked at me and said, 'No, baby. I'm not mad. Here's a lesson in life for you, don't do this just to please others. It's your toy and you decide if you want to share it. You DON'T have to share it and you shouldn't feel guilty for that. You can't be a people-pleaser because it's only going to hurt you. Say no when you want to, and that includes sharing.' I took that to heart. It doesn't mean I don't share, it just means I can say no if I want to. "

Bottom line, Moms are the GOAT whether we want to admit it or not.

Professional cleaners, dinner-makers, and of course, advice-givers.

Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful, strong, and passionate people out there, our Moms.