Living in the middle of the digital age, people are glued to their phones. It can be for work and education, but often people spend most of their time on social media. Since they're either busy with work or constantly moving locations, dating on social media has become more popular. Dating online can be fun at first with the swiping left and right and thriving off compliments here and there. There are so many popular dating apps out there — Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Grindr — so it can help boost users' self-esteem by making them feel wanted or liked, but it still comes with a price. Here are a few reasons why dating apps are a huge risk:

1. You could get catfished.

It's all fun and games until you get catfished. Catfishing has become so common that an entire TV show was made about it. Sounds problematic. If you don't ask the other user for proof of who they are either through Snapchat or another app, you are at great risk of being catfished.

Fake accounts are the worst. It's always that one match who is attractive and knows how to keep the conversation going until they don't reveal themselves. Some people will use fake photos of someone else and try to talk to you, then once you ask for them to send a picture of themselves and they don''s game over. That is sketchy, delete them.

2. Miscommunication via technology is very common.

Another huge issue with online dating is that there is so much room for miscommunication. Since you haven't met the person in real life, you are not 100% sure of what their intentions are. Someone can make a dumb joke or come off creepy or weird and ruin their chance of going on a date. Other people even ask questions too soon such as "What are you looking for on this app?" which can cause the other person to feel pressured before even meeting them.

3. Chances of an uncomfortable first date are high.

Meeting up with someone for the first time from social media can feel uneasy. Even though you exchanged numbers and talked for a few days or weeks, it still feels risky. If you didn't ever work at the same place, go to the same school, or have mutual friends it can be scary—or even awkward.

4. You can easily get ghosted.

Some people use dating apps as an excuse to be lazy or take advantage of others by pressuring them into sending nudes — often pretending they're interested just to get them without wanting to meet up. People can also just use this app for attention without actually caring about seeing you in real life. They can make a plan and blow you off or just completely ghost you.

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