In my generation, it seems that there are not a lot of people who go to church or even read The Bible. Some people have no faith whatsoever. They do not believe in God and are proud to live the lives they lead, even if they are living a life of uncertainty and loneliness.

If you ask me, a person who does not believe in God or any spiritual force is not a pleasant person to be around.

I am sorry for stating that, but then again, I am not.

If you know everything and you are comfortable with where you are in life, are you really living? Happily?

One of my favorite things to ask on a first date is what kind of morals a guy has, "What mottos or sayings do you resonate with?" I want to know what code they live by and whether they stick to that code.

When I ask this question, they sit there and think for a couple of moments on how to answer the question. Sometimes, their answers are clever enough to make me laugh.

If they know how to play their cards right, there will be a second date. Usually, though, their answers are haphazard, and they never give me a clear or concise answer.

I will be honest, I have not picked up a Bible or gone to church for a while, but I do have faith. I do my best to follow the right path: a path that ignites positivity, kindness, connection, and if I may be so bold, righteousness.

The people I have met on dates do not seem to emit a strong sense of morals, heaven forbid religious ones.

In this day and age, the primary concern about ones' morals is how someone can be successful materialistically.

Do they have a nice car?

Are they making six figures?

Do they have their own place?


Sure, who wouldn't want to accomplish those dreams while making a lot of bank? People are so concerned with impressing others with their materialistic accomplishments that they forget why they were put on this Earth in the first place.

I believe the main reason people have a hard time answering my question is because they do not know who they really are. They know who they are based on what they have done but not who they were initially before the ball started rolling for them.

Knowing another person's mission on this Earth is a fundamental understanding. To serve above oneself for the sake of others is a beautiful thing.

In dating, it is good to be picky about men (and women!). Ask away on what they think their mission is in life, what their dreams are, and if they have goals and aspirations to accomplish.

If they do not believe in a God, then, do they have faith in themselves, their friends, their family, and even in you?

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