White dress. The wedding song. The walk down the aisle. The church. The priest. My mother and father's smiles. The promise we make in God. The love.

I sat in church on Sunday and stared at the priest walking down the aisle with the alter children. I smile, imagining myself walking down the aisle of my family church.

The church would be filled with people I loved, and my handsome Catholic husband would be standing on the other side of the church as a tear drips down his cheek.

I imagined this since I was old enough to understand marriage. I never imagined it any differently, both of us Catholic, a huge bond with each other and God.

I was never forced. I was never told that it had to be this way. I knew I wanted it to be that way, and I knew I would raise my children in the arms of God. Just as my parents did for me, and hey, I like the way I turned out.

I would never date a man who thinks differently, even if there is a huge chance we won't end up "putting a ring on it." But still, I will only date someone who I can see myself marrying.

Call me crazy, but the future is important to me.

I want that white wedding in a church. I want the priest to say, "Kiss the bride," and I want God to be present in our lives, that day and every day.

I have been dating a Catholic guy for a year and a half. I watch him as he goes to church every Sunday and prays to God for assistance. It's a huge turn-on when someone is so invested in their faith, and when a family raises their children to accept God in their life.

Just in Nelly Furtado's song, "Chivalry is dead, but it's still kind of cute," and all Catholic men are chivalrous. No doubt.

So, date a Catholic man. Take it from me.