Dating all by itself is a complete pain, but you add some cat hair and toe beans, you're set. I'm not claiming to have all of these answers correct, but we cat lovers do give our heart and souls to our furbabies, which completely benefits you for the following reasons:

1. They will always treat your cats like the kings/queens they are.

We already treat our cats like the mini gods/goddesses that they truly are, so rest assured that we will bestow just as much love to your pets that we do to our own. Honestly, we would give the love away freely to a stray off the street if they got close to us.

2. They're already portrayed as crazy – which means they'll be considerate of you and support you.

When cat people buy furniture or update their wardrobe even, they think deeply about how it's going to be affected by their cats. If you own a black cat (I do), it might not be a good idea to purchase white bedding, on principle alone because you're thinking of their comfort as well as thinking about how often you actually would clean something else.

3. They make cute meows or purrs in response to things – whether or not it's to a cat is moot.

This is pretty self-explanatory. We make cat sounds to human stuff too, it's a thing - but it's cute when you're dating us and it's a sign of affection.

4. They're perfectly fine with little personal space because they're already used to being smothered by their cat(s).

9/10 (there's always that 10% of cats) that our cat (s) are up our butts 24/7. Trying to pee? Too bad, keep the door open. Trying to eat? It's their food too - so we are already prepared to give up our pet

5. Their picture-taking abilities with their cat(s) and you are essentially perfect.

How many pictures of their cats do you think we have? I assure you that we have prepped and prepared then purrfect phots of our cat(s) to the point that our own photos are so fantastic you couldn't compete

6. They're more tolerant of your nonsense because they're used to cleaning up shit.

Cat litter, anyone? Or perhaps hairballs, torn paper, socks, towels, knocked over glasses and the list goes on. If we have an asshole cat, we be more willing to tolerate your nonsense - so are you ready for us yet? Or better yet, are we ready for you? 🤔

7. They're super easy to buy gifts for.

The options here are endless. Cat-themed items for them, cat gifts for them for their cats, or if push comes to shove... a cat!

8. They'll get super excited when they see cats or kittens… and probably try to take all of them home.

Fair warning that adoption day is dangerous, we will want to take every cat and kitten home with us, do not doubt our abilities to love another kitty. THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM FOR THEM, that's why there's always plenty of love for you. 😘

9. They'll be loyal AF to you and to their/your cats.

And any other cat(s) that come their way. Owning a cat is a commitment, most cat-lovers will keep their babies for the rest of the meows lives, so don't worry about loyalty, they're already working it with Fluffy.

10. They also have a deep understanding of freedom and the need to come and go at will.

Like having no personal space (0% peeing alone), your SO will understand needing space. Getting into a fight with fluffykins after they knocked grandmas heirloom into the toilet can do that to you (kidding, mostly). So we get space, we need it too.

Remember that your cat-obsessed significant other is amazing. They will love you because their love for their 4-legged fury counterparts is endless, meaning it'll be endless forever. Our loyalty is boundless, so look at us more as gems than anything else.