You've heard of the talking phase—is that even dating? Just like the big questions on how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie pop, the world may never know.

But, how do you know if you're actually on a date or not? How do you know if you should tell your friends that you and your eye candy have finally made it to the dating phase?

This stuff is hard to figure out. I mean how many times have you stressed out about it?

It's literally frustrating AF. I wanted to know what YOU guys thought about what qualifies as a date.

So, I used my trusty social media skills and sent it out to all my Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat friends and here are the results:

I paired together with a my cousins and asked what they thought were typical "dates" to them. Or, what their friends thought was a date but they thought definitely wasn't.

We thought beach trips were a controversial date idea: here's the feedback that we got.

Out of the 30 college students I asked, 94.4% of them through that a beach trip was a date, duh? Whereas 5.6% said, definitely not.

Next, we thought up the idea of the typical Mall Trip.

47.2% of the 30 students thought that it was not a date what-so-ever. But, 52.8% said that is was a date, why not?

Well, if you'd ask me, a mall trip is a quest, not a date. I don't really talk to my boo at the mall because I am so focused on the sales and those cute jeans over there!

Next, we really wanted to test those college students. We asked if they thought that Dinner and a Movie was a date.

As expected, all 30 students said YES, DUH.

That one gave a little heart attack. I was praying that it was cause then, I mean, me and my boo haven't gone on a date—at all.

We then asked if Going To The Zoo was a date.

Can you tell that we are just dreaming about date ideas for our boos?

86.1% said that it was a date, whereas 13.9% said no.

So, then what about a Weekend Getaway?

Surprisingly, still 5.6% said that it was not a date. To calm me down, 94.4% said that it was "def a date."

Or a Fast Food Trip? An Ice Cream Trip?

33.3% said helllll nah and 66.7% said "Uhhhh, YAS" to the fast food trip. Now, for the Ice Cream Trip 91.7% said of course, and then 8.3% said no, no, NO

We then got a little crazy and asked some more questions we wanted to know that if a female paid for the male would it still be considered a date?

As a person that has a boyfriend, if he didn't consider it a date I would be seriously offended. To my surprised still, 5.6% of the 30 said that it was not considered a date. But, just like me, 94.4% said of course it is!

We then wanted to know some more information about dates, besides the actual place of the date, what else would qualify it as a date?

Most people said "anywhere that is preplanned" and another added, "if you order tickets or make reservations ahead of time"

Others went more into detail:

"Just being in the company of the person you want to be with can be a date. It doesn't need to be finitely stated, no one needs to say, "This is a date!" If you want to sit and gorge on pizza and ugly cry at movies in sweatpants, or get dressed up for a night on the town: it's a date if you want to be with that person."

"Literally just being by ourselves not at the house qualifies as a date for me"

"I think that a date has to be something special, not something that you do all the time, so even for some of the ones listed; if you do them all the time together then it doesn't count as a date!... and for the previous question, I think it is a date if a girl pays, but only after the first three dates!"

"Highly enjoying the time spent with your significant other, no matter what you two are doing together."

Here's one that I really liked, I'm really happy that someone went this much into detail for a poll:

"I've done all of these types of dates and had a blast. For me, it's about spending time with the person and getting to know them. Whether that happens during a fancy dinner or a picnic doesn't matter to me. I will say that the setting of the first few dates really do set the tone of the relationship. I like to be fancy toward the beginning and transition to more casual dates as the relationship becomes long-term."

and lastly, here is one that I agree with 100% as a person that has been in a relationship for nearly 2 years (and counting...):

"if you're in a relationship with the person, or it was set up with the intent of starting a relationship"

So, there you go ladies and gents- now you know if you're on a date or not. You can thank me later.

I can't forget this one:

"They better call it a date or they're not getting any"