What Is Negging In A Relationship?

While the above definition is a very basic glimpse at what "negging" means, it only just scratches the surface. The reality is that negging is a larger issue than people realize because unlike ghosting, zombieing, curving, and other problematic dating behaviors, it's often very difficult to pick up on in a conversation — especially if you're infatuated with the person doing it and seeing through rose-colored glasses.

According to Urban Dictionary, negging is "low-grade insults meant to undermine the self-confidence of a woman so she might be more vulnerable to your advances. This is something no decent guy would do." Some examples are "You're not typically my type, but..." or, "You're beautiful, but you'd look even better if..."

How Do You Respond To Negging?

Call. It. Out. Don't let anyone walk on you or insult you, especially if said insult is disguised as a compliment. No thank you. Tell them to scurry along. If they're that despicable now, they're not going to get any better. Truly good people worth being with will be confident and unafraid to compliment you straight out. If they can't do that without having to tear you down a bit, you can bet they've got their own self-confidence issues to deal with and it's not your problem.

After you're done calling it out (or even if you don't), cancel them. It's not worth your time, so either call it out or walk away. Thank you, NEXT.

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