We all know and love Joey Tribbiani from our beloved go-to TV binge, "Friends," and are missing it terribly since its departure from Netflix.

Joey is a ladies man, but he is more of a one-night stand kind of guy. While such a lovable and hunky character, he goes through plenty of women, even Rachel.

If you were a single NYC local who loves Italian men, would you swipe right on Joey Tribbiani?

About Joey

  • Job: Actor
  • Location: New York City
  • Hometown: Queens, NY
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Like if you agree it's a Moo-nday! #FRIENDS25
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Joey's Preferences

  • Books or magazines? Magazines. But only dirty magazines.
  • Social media or stalking IRL? If I stalked IRL would get distracted by food on the way, so social media if Chandler teaches me how to use it.
  • Selfies or candids? Selfies for sure, except for my headshots.
  • New York or Los Angeles? NYC born and raised forever.
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A true artist.
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Never have I ever met a pizza or a meatball sub that I don't like.

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But they're very very sorry! 👀 #FRIENDS25
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Four qualities I can offer my partner and one I cannot:

  • Great sex ✓
  • A good laugh ✓
  • A loving family ✓
  • Love and compassion ✓
  • Financial stability ✗
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Dibs on going as Chandler! #FRIENDS25
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Four qualities I am looking for in a partner and one I'm absolutely not:

  • Great sex ✓
  • Baseball fan ✓
  • Incredible cook ✓
  • Really HOT ✓
  • Diet obsessed ✗
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