Yes, I am very familiar with the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" and I've lived my whole life following this rule. When it comes to dating though, I'll encourage you to be selective and picky, which will often mean "judging" a bit (sorry, mom) — especially if you're on any dating apps.

Because let's face it! When you're meeting someone on your phone, the only possible way to make a decision about whether you want to swipe right or left is by judging them on what they give you to work with on their dating profiles. For me (and many others) there are things we look out for, both positive and negative.

Here are 11 dating profile red flags I just can't look passed while swiping or Xing on the apps:

1. It's nearly impossible to identify which guy he is in the sea of endless group photos.

Look, this app is supposed to make things easier for me, I don't want to have to search through every group photo to find him after I've already "found him."

2. They have one or more fish pics.

You've heard of d*ck pics. But up there with the worst offenders is the fish pic. Whoever thought a photo of them holding a fish was cute, was gravely mistaken. If it's their hobby, fantastic — keep it offline. No, but really... even if I was into fishing, I'd still do a fast pass on a fish pic.

3. Photos that come with a disclaimer.

"It's my sister" or "Don't worry, this random baby is my nephew." Like literally why are they on here then? I don't even know him yet and he's introducing me to his family.

4. Mirror selfies.

I get it, he's feeling himself (I'm guilty of them on my social channels, too! Whatever). And yes, I want him to be confident, but keep those off your dating profile, please.

5. Their Instagram handle is in their bio.

You have to work for my follow, gentlemen.

6. All of his pictures are blurry.

How in the world am I supposed to match with them if every photo looks like it was taken on a Motorola Razr?

7. They only have one photo.

They're either a catfish or a serial killer. End of story.

8. They’re drinking alcohol in every photo.

Listen… I love having a good time, but drinking isn't my life. If they're holding a Bud or White Claw in every picture of him on a yacht, beach, or the like, I'mma pass. You do you, though.

9. He's a dogfisher.

If he posts the pic of himself and a puppy he held one time, I'm going to block him for breaking my heart.

10. His pet peeve is “slow walkers.”

I've never met a single person in my entire life who loves slow walkers and every guy on dating apps has this exact answer to the pet peeves prompt. He needs to step it up and be more creative with his annoyances. (The "slow walkers" pet peeve is obviously my pet peeve).

11. Typos.

I cannot.

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