If you frequently Netflix and chill (I'm talking like... literally chill), chances are you've binge-watched "YOU," so you know Joe Goldberg very well. From one episode to the next you probably find yourself loving him, hating him, being oddly attracted to him, feeling disappointed in him and sometimes even proud of him.

Of course, (small spoiler) we get a peek of his dating life when Joe hops on the dating apps in Los Angeles as Will Bettelheim in season 2, but what did that profile actually look like? Perhaps what you see below might be what you'd see if you were swiping across him.

Now, while you are scrolling through ask yourself... "Would I swipe right on Joe Goldberg?" (If you didn't know he was a murderer, of course).

About Joe

  • Job: Bookstore Manager
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Hometown: U.S.
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watching YOU all day? tell us about it.
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Joe's Preferences:

  • Books or magazines? Books. This isn't even up for debate.
  • Social media stalking or stalking IRL? Well, I'm pretty anti-social media, so I guess that leaves...
  • Selfies or candids? Selfies. I like to be in control ;)
  • New York or Los Angeles? New York, always.
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i love books. cc: @hotdudesreading
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Never have I ever not been willing to do anything for the one I love.

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The only time trying to blend in is a big red flag
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Four qualities I can offer my partner and one I cannot:

  • Protection ✓
  • Loyalty ✓
  • Forgiveness ✓
  • Eternal love ✓
  • Full transparency ✗
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If you see mommy kissing Santa Claus... SAVE HER
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Four qualities I am looking for in a partner and one I'm absolutely not:

  1. Trust ✓
  2. Undying loyalty ✓
  3. Not secretive ✓
  4. Naivety ✓
  5. Dishonesty ✗

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