We've been told since we were kids that there is someone who was made for us, someone who we will click with. The problem with that, though, is we are made to believe we will come across our soulmate when we are in our 30s.

No one ever tells us that we might spend our prom night with the love of our life, or that they will be in the crowd during our high school graduation.

We're always reminded we're "too young for love" or "too young to settle down." That puts an idea in our heads that our young love won't last and to not waste our time figuring things out with somebody. Those of us end up feeling like, since we met our soulmates at such a young age, it will lead to disaster — an unreasonable fear. But it's OK to find "the one" at 17 years old, and from someone who has, here's why:

Your S/O will be there for every important event in your young life.

How great would it feel to walk down the aisle with the same person you did your prom walk with? You can celebrate your high school graduation with the same person you celebrated your college graduation with. There won't be any stress finding a roommate to live with when you get your first apartment, because you will have your S/O to split the bills with. And as a bonus — you will only need a one bedroom apartment, which will have cheaper rent! It's easier to walk through all the big milestones of your life when you have the same person by your side for all of them. They will know how to calm you down, and they will know how to support you through everything.

You and your S/O will grow and mature together.

Your last years of high school into college is when people grow and mature the most. During your junior and senior years of high school, you're expected to pick a college to dump $200,000 into while also knowing for sure what you want to do for the rest of your life. In college, you move out of your parents' house and slowly become a young, independent adult. Having someone there by your side who is going through the same struggles as you can be reassuring. You will both learn together and navigate the difficult roads of life.

You will always have a plus one for college parties.

College parties can be a dangerous situation. There are many cases where somebody gets drunk and gets taken advantage of, or where a fight breaks out and people get hurt. It's always good to leave with the same people you came with, to make sure there is ALWAYS a designated driver, and to NEVER drink the jungle juice. A big bonus of having a S/O with you at any college party is that you will always have that protection from any dangers that may occur at a party and they will always make sure you get home safe.

You won't fall into the "hookup culture" that can be found on campus.

There has been a "hookup culture" on campuses for years. Young people believe that everyone around them is constantly hooking up with people, so they feel the need to do it themselves. When in reality, those people aren't hooking up with a lot of people. It creates a cycle that causes pain, stress, and regret. If you have already found the one for you, you won't be another victim of this cycle.

No matter how stressful your college classes get, your S/O will always be there to remind you of how great you are.

One of the biggest plus sides of a healthy relationship is that there will always be someone rooting for you no matter what. Friends can come and go, even family can be rocky, but your soulmate will support you and any decision you make in life. They will always be your No. 1 fan!

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