Looking for a place to share your latest thoughts on love, sex, and relationships or vent about your dating woes? Swoon is the perfect place for that! But if you're unsure where to begin, we're going to give you weekly questions to get you inspired and open up about what's happening in your love life (or lack thereof — no judgment, because... same).

Trust us, everyone wants to hear your story, and chances are they'll be able to relate to it as well. So get ready to type your heart out with the funny, raw, juicy details you'd share with your diary and help other creators get inspired to do the same.

Week 3: How has coronavirus (COVID-19) affected your love life?

In 300 words or more, whether you're currently in a happy relationship, single and navigating the dating world, or choosing to "do you" right now, coronavirus is probably affecting your love life in some way. Tell us how!

How To Participate In The Weekly "Dear Diary" Series:

  • Create an Odyssey account if you don't have one already
  • Create a new post and make the headline Dear Diary, I __________________
    • Fill in the blank piece of this headline structure with a unique moment relevant to your story
    • If you need help brainstorming or workshopping, email taylor.mead@theodysseyonline.com
  • Publish the story and file it under Community: Relationships

Here are some prompts you may have missed:

Remember: it's never too late to jump on these prompts as well!

  • Week 1: Tell us about the worst first date you've ever been on in detail (without naming names, of course).
  • Week 2: Spill the tea on your most awkward/embarrassing hookup story.

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