As the girl who wrote about why our generation runs away from love, I find it only fitting to now write about why falling in love is extremely terrifying.

You're the most vulnerable when you're in love with someone. That person get's to know every single detail about you. What makes you happy, what makes you mad. Everything. You can't hide your emotions from them because they get to know you so well that they'll know when you're upset before you're even aware of it.

It's absolutely terrifying to know somebody as well as you know yourself and to allow for someone to know you that same way. This is why a lot of people run away from it, this is why I've always chosen to run away. I'm scared.

I'm scared to love someone and open up my heart in that way. I'm scared to always have that fear that I could somehow lose them. I'm scared to get hurt and cry over someone.

I've never had my heartbroken, many other people haven't either. Why? We run from love. We run from the idea of getting hurt because even that hurts too much to bear. We can't imagine the pain of heartbreak and we're too scared to try.

I'm scared of letting someone get to know everything about me. Pasts that I'm not too proud of, future goals that I'm excited for and the feelings that I hide.

It's going to take a while for me to open up to you. I won't say I love you first. I might feel it and you might be able to tell, but I won't say it. I will want to but I'll be too scared of your response.

Future boyfriend, future husband or whoever you are; please be careful with my heart and don't lie to me. If there is something wrong, talk to me. Let's fix our problems together and be there for each other through everything. Be someone that I can joke around with but also someone who's affectionate. If I give you my heart, don't break it. Don't cheat and don't lie. If you truly love me, I'll love you back no doubt.