First of all, thanks for loving me unconditionally throughout my insecurities, slip-ups, and imperfections. I can't imagine how my life would be if you had not come into it; you strengthen me as a person and make me the person I want to be. While we still have a long way to go, if our future is as bright as we think it is, I can promise you these things:

1. To be your adventure buddy for life.

I want to be that person who can compare trips to the grocery store to a road trip to our favorite destination because you'll be there with me.

2. To never stop asking for dessert after dinner.

I'm sorry, I can't help my sweet tooth. Just let me indulge every now and then.

3. To be your sunshine on a cloudy day.

When you've had a rough day at work, I hope to be the first person you want to talk to.

4. To make the small things exciting.

Small trips to the grocery store will never be dull for us.

5. To talk out our problems.

Instead of holding grudges, let's air it out.

6. To always celebrate victories; no matter how small.

Big or small, no victories will go unnoticed in our household.

7. To motivate you each day.

To be the best you, the one I fell in love with.

8. To accept my faults.

And recognize where I can do better.

9. To spend lazy Sundays with you.

Complete with pancakes and a couple movies.

10. To plan for our future.

Making sure we're on the same page about what we want and what we hope to do together.

11. To (try to) stick to the budget.

I can't help myself if I spend too much at Home Goods; that place is a trap.

12. To have nights out with our friends.

Both as a couple and solo; those nights are important.

13. To make date night a priority.

Even when we get caught up in other things.

14. To always be honest with you.

To strengthen the trust we have built.

15. To love you unconditionally.

No matter what.