So far, Demi has already proven herself to be one of the most dynamic people on this season of "Bachelor in Paradise." She's energetic, funny, and her commentary and insight definitely make the show a lot more interesting.

With that being said, I think we're all being a little hypocritical in supporting her indecisiveness throughout this entire season.

In the past few episodes, Demi was unable to decide between her relationship with Derek on the show or her relationship with a girl named Kristian that she knew from back home. While I, and many others, are in full support of Demi no matter who she dates, it's hypocritical that we aren't even a little bit upset about her not being able to make up her mind, and the fact that she had a relationship right up until she came on the show.

I mean, we all got upset when Hannah G. couldn't decide between Dylan and Blake and when Jed told Hannah B. he had had a girlfriend back home, so why are we OK with Demi doing the same thing? Demi was honest with Derek throughout this whole scenario, but still, if it were a guy that Demi was interested in back home, Bachelor Nation would be a bit more outraged about her dilemma.

I'm not trying to say that we should hate on Demi either, just that we shouldn't praise one person for doing the same thing that we were criticizing someone else for doing earlier on. If we are going to support Demi, we should support others in similar situations, and we shouldn't be upset when they are trying to figure things out on the show, too.

And although I truly admire Demi's bravery, strength, and complete honesty throughout this whole situation, I still do not think that we should let her have a pass for coming on the show given that she had a relationship that she wasn't yet over, and I definitely do not think that she should be given the chance to allow that relationship to develop now in Paradise. Not only did she make it hard on herself, but she also unnecessarily brought pain to Derek and Kristian, who were unfortunately caught between her indecision.

Like I stated earlier, we have criticized others in the past for doing things of lesser magnitude, so we shouldn't be OK with Demi doing these things now.

While being respectful of everyone involved, I think it's time we evaluate what we're really supporting so we can see just how hypocritical we are being in this whole situation.

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