You Deserve More Than The 'Modern-Day Relationship'

You Deserve More Than The 'Modern-Day Relationship'

Keep your standards high, and don’t settle for someone who leaves you on read.

Something that I have learned is that relationships nowadays consist of playing “games.” In my opinion, the two contenders play with each other's minds and act as if their feelings have no say in the way that things go.

But what happens if someone falls? What happens if you end up truly catching feelings?

The idea of dating has become so twisted within each of our brains that it’s almost too stressful to even bother with. I’m just as guilty as everyone else reading this. There are these stages of “talking," then the two of you are considered a “thing” and after that, how many weeks or months before you’re officially “dating?”

Now the “talking” stage I’m not against. If you’re trying to get to know someone, talking and going out with each other in public settings (ie dating) is one of the only ways you can do that. You make it official when you realize that you truly want to be with that person. I’ve always been someone who has viewed dating as marriage prep.

Why date someone if you don’t even see yourself with them in the future? You’re not only wasting their time but yours as well.

I believe that one of the biggest things that has gone wrong in our generation is the way that we communicate and I truly think that social media is to blame for that one.

On Instagram, you flirt by liking each other’s pictures with an occasional comment. Then there’s Twitter, where you retweet something in hopes that the one person see’s it and gets the hint or you may even directly “subtweet” them.

Snapchat has been a personal terror. This is now one of the sole sources of communication, but I’m just as guilty of having a snap score of over 300,000 — good gravy I know, who has time for that?

But here are my questions. What happened to texting? What happened to talking on the phone? What happened to even seeing each other in person and going on real, honest dates?

Does it show that you care too much? If so, what’s the problem with showing that? Vulnerability is one of the most important things in a relationship and I don’t understand how one person can be so open to one and then act as if it never happened.

Here’s the thing, I know at least everyone has experienced some sort of heartbreak at least once in their lives. Whether it’s because of a small crush you had and they decided to ignore you or it was a long-term relationship that randomly ended.

You deserve more.

Having high standards whether you are a girl or a guy is something that is VERY important so keep that in mind. There is a quote I'd like to share that I came across the other day in "Answering the Guy Questions" by Leslie Ludy;

“The godly young men I’ve spoken with believe that if young women started keeping their standards high rather than settling for mediocre men, guys would be forced to make serious changes to their masculinity. And even if you are mocked, ridiculed, or ignored because of your stand, you can be sure that God will honor your decision. He paid for the treasure of your heart with His own blood. You disregard His amazing sacrifice for you when you allow your femininity to be trampled in the mud. You are a daughter of the King, so hold out for a man who has royal blood coursing through his veins.”

The quote speaks for itself and not only for women. Guys, hold out for a Godly young woman as well. Keep your standards high and don’t settle for someone who leaves you on read.

You deserve more because you are worth more and because you are a child of God.

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