I'm in a long distance relationship and, as everyone in a long distance relationship knows, it's really hard. Sometimes it's really hard not seeing the person you care about as much as you'd like. But as I've been contemplating my own relationship, I realized there are several pros to long distance that other couples don't understand.

First, when you see your partner, your activities are most likely planned in advance. You know what you'll be doing and where you'll be going, so there's none of that back-and-forth "what do you want to do?" questioning. Also, you get to experience a lot more with that person because whenever you see your partner, you want to go out and experience life with them.

Second, it makes you miss that person more. If you see your partner all the time, you start to take that time for granted. It's a lot easier to make last-minute plans because they're closer to you. However, when you only get to see your partner once a week or a couple times a month, you value your time spent with them more. You realize how much you like spending time with that person, and it makes your relationship stronger.

Third, you're able to focus more on yourself in your free time. Since your partner isn't around, you still have time to yourself to spend at the gym, going to dinner with friends, etc. You also don't have to give up any time during the week, so you still can attend all the activities you'd want to if you were single, such as '90s Night, a late-night Zumba class or any other event. You can also still make last-minute plans with friends without interfering with your partner's expectations.

You're also able to spend an equal amount of time with friends. A lot of times, girls sacrifice time they could spend with their friends to hang out with their partner, but when you're in a long distance relationship, you can still see your friends all throughout the week and on the weekends that you don't see your partner. It forces you to put in the time and effort to see your friends and keep your relationships strong, and it helps you to keep an equal balance between your partner and your friends.

Long distance also forces you to improve your communication skills. Since you won't see your partner in person as often, you have to make time to text, FaceTime, Skype, Snapchat, etc. whenever it's convenient for both you and your partner. By doing this, you're making time for your partner, which means you'll be more attentive, and it gives you an opportunity to show you care about that person and you're making time to ask about their day or make sure they're doing alright. Also, if any conflicts arise in your relationship, you have to face them head on since you most likely can't see them in person to talk about whatever may be bothering you.

Lastly, being long distance makes you improve your time management skills. If I know my boyfriend is coming up for the weekend, I make sure to get all my work done during the week, or at least a good majority of it, so that I can devote time to seeing him. This also means that when I'm studying, I'm more focused on my studies since I want to make sure that I retain the information the first time. You also have to balance your time between school and your relationship, and since you can't see your partner as often as you'd like, you have time to study and maintain your grades throughout the week.

Long distance can be tricky, and you miss your partner like crazy a lot of times, but if it's with the right person you can have a successful relationship.