It's Halloweek and if you and your pumpkin are still looking for a couples costume, don't worry. There's plenty of time for you to DIY these last-minute looks:

Fireman and Dalmatian

Your costumes will be on fire this year, so much so that you might have to put them out.

Key pieces: a firefighter hat, clip-on overalls, a white T-shirt, white paper, black paint, and a black headband.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane

These outfits may just land you a story in the paper...but be prepared for sudden costume changes.

Key pieces: white button-down shirts, a tie, black pants, a black skirt, a Superman shirt, and black-rimmed glasses.

Deer and Hunter

You both will look so a-deer-able together...too much?

Key pieces: camouflage shirt, face paint, antlers.

Sunflower and Gardener

This costume will have your connection blooming.

Key pieces: a watering can, a green apron, a straw hat, a sunflower crown, and a bouquet of sunflowers.

Snapchat Filters

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These costumes will have you looking cute as a puppy! (You can choose any filter you want for these but try to pick a recognizable one).

Key pieces: white paint, two yellow shirts, and face paint.

Salt and Pepper

Add a little flavor to your Halloween party this year with these super easy costumes.

Key pieces: black shirt, white shirt, two headbands, two small round disposable baking dishes, a sharpie, and white paint.

Ross and Rachel

Don't be surprised if everyone asks whether or not you both are on a break while you're wearing these costumes.

Key pieces: an apron, a coffee mug, serving tray, Central Perk logo print out (you can stick it to either the mug or the apron), shirt, skirt, jeans, sweater, hair gel, and a sign that say' "we were on a break!"

Cards Against Humanity Playing Cards

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i hate us for thisπŸ˜‚ #cardsagainsthumanity

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Everyone will recognize you in these costumes, and the best part is the sayings can be whatever you choose.

Key pieces: string, black poster paper, white poster paper, black paint, and white paint.

Koala and Tree

This costume will have you and your partner clinging to each other all night long.

Key pieces: green shirt, khaki pants or shorts, green construction paper, a gray shirt, face paint, a headband, and gray construction paper.

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