Ah... catfishing, ghosting, stalking, the list of terrible dating app experiences goes on. BUT LISTEN! Before you go thinking how "This is the risk you take when going on dating apps," please note that it's the risk a majority of people are taking to meet someone for love. So, it's not as easy to escape as "just sign off the apps." In fact, why should the honest users of Bumble, Hinge, and the like have to opt-out of this process because other people out there are dishonestly catfishing, or worse... dogfishing people?

For those of you who don't know, Urban Dictionary defines dogfishing as the act of "putting pictures on a dating website of you and a cute dog (that is not yours) to attract the attention of the opposite sex. It's like catfishing, but with dogs." In other words, it's the ABSOLUTE WORST FORM OF BETRAYAL for many reasons — and I feel strongly about this, obviously.

1. They don't actually have a dog, which is already enough info for me to swipe a hard left.

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Puppy Love 💕

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2. But they pretended to have a dog... and that's incredibly effing weird.

3. That poor fluffy good boy/girl is being used as part of their scam and they don't even know it. How do they think they'd feel if they found out?

4. Dogfishers prove they're liars from the get-go, so THEY'RE GETTING BLOCKED.

5. Honestly, they're typically not nearly as cute as the pup anyway, hence the reason they need to STEAL him/her for the assist.

6. Their (lack of) game reeks of desperation and that ain't cute.

7. I'm not into heartbreakers.

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Happy New Year! 🐶

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8. The "relationship" starts off with too many questions. Like who does that doggo really belong to anyway? I want to meet THAT dude.

9. Wait... ARE THEY CATFISHING ME, TOO?! Like how could I ever believe them!?

In the end though, I get it. We all fall for those adorably fluffy traps, but finding out the dog isn't even theirs is the kind of heartbreak that should have been left in 2018. GUYS, DO BETTER! STRIVE TO BE THE GOODEST.

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