So you start talking to a guy. You text back and forth for a week or so, make plans to hang out, maybe once, twice, maybe three times.

You start to like this guy. He is nice, funny and an overall nice friend. After all, we aren't trying to rush into things.

But then, one night, everything changes.

You get a notification from him. It makes you smile and all cheesy inside.

I mean, he is a nice guy.

But, wait.

Oh, no.

He didn't send a sweet little text, asking to see you. He didn't even send an innocent little picture of his puppy.

No, he didn't send any of that.

He sent a picture of his dick.

When this happens, there is only one thought that runs through my head. Spoiler alert: it doesn't have anything to do with the beauty, or lack thereof, of the dick.

Instead, it's:

Wow, thanks. I totally wanted that. Maybe I'll frame it on my wall. *eye roll*

1. A Picture of Your Dog

Boys, it's OK if you don't have a dog. Just simply find a random person on the street walking their dog and sneak in a picture of that sweet little animal. No harm done. She'll for sure smile.

2. A Meme

Have you ever heard of the saying, "A Meme is the way into a girl's heart?" Well, I just created it. Get her laughing, my dudes.

3. A link To A Funny Video

Props to you if you can sneak in a little "wish we could watch it together," with it. That'll probably get your farther than the dick pic ever will.

4. Food

I don't care, send her pics of food you're making or food you want. Maybe, you two little love birds can get together and share it. It's science: Girls love food.

5. Literally Anything Else...litter on the side of the street, bird poop, a piece of grass, etc.

Please, unless she asks, don't sent the picture. Some of you don't even send warnings, so that little, dirty picture is opened up right at the family dinner for grandma and grandpa to see, you never know.

So, to all my dudes, here are 5 things to send a girl instead of your dick.