Ever since the beginning of time, the purpose of man was to hunt. It is embedded in their nature, and it's what gives them purpose. You've probably heard people say “let him chase you" and you've brushed it off as anti-feminist crap that you don't need clogging your mind. But it's true: that's what they crave and, of course, it's not all about the “chase," but it's a big part of it.

By starting this relationship yourself, he'll see you as easy, desperate, and someone he can easily take advantage of and that's not what we want.

Hunters don't hunt animals that chase them. They hunt unique animals that are rare, even if they have to go through great lengths to catch them. If you slide into his DMs or start a conversation with him first, you'll never know if he was actually attracted to you for real, or just because you were presenting yourself as an easy catch.

You want someone who's genuinely attracted to you from the start, don't you?

As the one being “hunted," you have all the power. You can control when you talk, for how long, when you see each other, and how often because he's waiting on you. You are the keeper of the keys to your kingdom and he can't get in unless you let him. Eventually, you're going to have to tell him everything about you, but don't dump it all on him right away. Give it to him in pieces, it'll leave him believing you're this mysterious girl he has to get to know.

You have to keep him interested, or else he'll get bored.

This method is a great way to weed out the men with bad intent. If they want you that badly, they can wait for you, they will take the time to pursue you, to hunt you. And that, my friends, is how you find a good man.

If you want to read more about this whole dating method, I highly recommend a book called "All The Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right" by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. Some things they say are a little outdated, as it was published in 1995, but most of these "rules" still ring true. My mom made me read it my junior year of high school and I literally live by this book, so if you're interested I suggest checking it out.

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