The time of the year that college students crave since the beginning of fall is officially among us—spring break! After the past several months of studying non-stop, occasionally having mental breakdowns, and loading your body with coffee, you're finally looking for some fun to let off the steam of stress of sun and spring flings.

But before you set off into the craziest spring break experience, here's a thing or two about the ultimate dos and don'ts of spring break hookups.

Do: Pack an overnight or “one night stand” bag

This can consist of a small pouch, purse, or duffle bag. Either way, it must have the essentials: phone charger, emergency $20 bill, hair tie, toothbrush/mouthwash, lip balm, extra pair of undies, and feminine wipes. Your fling may decide to get you an Uber back to your place, but if they're respectful enough to let you spend the night with them then those are items you can't forget.

Do - Use protection

It's most likely that while you're away on vacation, you aren't going to be looking for flings with the same people you go to school with. Chances are, it'll most likely be someone you've never met before so you can't be too trusting of their STI status. Use a condom or dental dam.

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Do - Stay hydrated

Other than the fact that water will prevent you from having a massive hangover, but it'll benefit your sexual experiences as a whole. More water means more natural lubrication. Also, the higher water content you have in your body, the less likely the sweatiness from sex will cause a salty odor.

DO - Let your crew know where you are at all times

Spring break can be the best time of your life, but you don't want to be reckless to the point that you somehow end up with a guy like Joe from Netflix's "You" without having a way to be tracked by your friends. Share your Bitmoji on Snapchat. Share your location via contacts in your phone. Call or text then your whereabouts at least every other hour just to let them know you're okay.

DO - Be mindful of your alcohol intake

I'm not saying that you can't drink, but you always want to be at least somewhat present and alert wherever you are. Also, keep in mind that it is possible to be too drunk to consent to sex. Everyone has their own threshold to decide when they're in their right mind so know your limit and act accordingly.

DO - Stay on track with birth control schedule, especially if you’re in different time zones

If you're traveling, it can be easy to completely forget taking the pill or forget about taking it during the same time if you're in a different time zone. For me personally, I start spotting even if I miss one pill so taking it at the exact same time every day is crucial for my body. That's why it's good to plan ahead and use a time zone calculator so you'll be prepared to stay on schedule with your birth control pills to avoid irregular periods or a possible unplanned pregnancy.

DO - If you’re there with your partner, be open to new sexual experiences

There's always a stigma about being a relationship during spring break, especially if you're going to a notorious party city like Miami. In college, I'd often hear people say "Anyone going to Miami might as well break up with whoever they're dating right now." but using spring break as a chance to be with friends AND have a bae-cation may be a more enticing opportunity than people think. Being with someone you love and trust doesn't won't include as many limitations as a casual hookup will so if you're with your partner during spring break, use that to your advantage. Try something new!

Don't - Get caught on camera

If you're doing anything that you know you'd be embarrassed about five or 10 years down the road if anyone outside your core group found out about or saw with their own eyes, either don't do it at all, make sure you're in a private setting, or make sure nobody is recording. There have been multiple times where I've seen people acting up for shits and giggles and then it nearly went viral all over social media for the world to laugh at... and not in a good way.

Don’t - Get attached

Most of the people who are on their spring break vacation aren't there looking for a spouse. They're looking for something to get into—literally. It's not even because they're trying to play with your emotions, but realistically speaking, you'll meet tons of people who you won't ever see again so that's why most people will have the "hit it and quit it" mindset during the break. If you feel like you're interested in getting to know them on a deeper level, you have a right to make your intentions known because you really may end up finding the one. However, don't get your hopes up.

Don’t - Hook up with someone else if you’re already in a strictly monogamous relationship.

Now this should be obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people are out there acting like they're single when they know they have their partner somewhere waiting on them to come home.

Don’t - assume your partner is cheating on you.

But this should also be noted that you can't assume that your partner is cheating on you just because you aren't around each other. I've seen people hook up with someone else just because their paranoia pushed them to the point of making them believe they were being cheated on even when they had no logical reasons or evidence behind their delusion.

Don't - pressure anyone into doing anything they aren't 100% comfortable with

The typical rule of thumb for consent is that “no means no" but sometimes that leaves out the blurred lines that come with consent. Sometimes a person may not be saying “no" verbally, but their mannerisms and body language say it instead. Also, verbal phrases like "I'm not sure about this," "I don't feel comfortable," "let's slow down a bit" etc. are more than likely indicating "no" rather than "yes." Be patient and don't coerce people into fooling around with you.