I read an article recently titled "I'm The Girl Who Never Dreams Of Her Wedding, Because Getting Married Is Not A Career." I believe the author made some very valid points, and I'm glad that she took the opportunity to share an opinion which many would consider controversial. I believe everyone should be allowed to share their own opinion, which is why I am going to take the opportunity to share mine here.

I believe it's absolutely admirable to plan ahead for a future career. As someone who is only a year away from graduating from college, I am quickly learning the importance of planning ahead for the future. I understand the importance of a career and the stability a good one brings.

But I believe the love of a husband is even more important.

I constantly dream about my wedding day because I know it's going to be the most exciting day of my life. My Pinterest wedding board is chock-full of ideas. I already have a mental list of who my bridesmaids will be and what songs I'm going to play as I walk down the aisle. I love to dream about my perfect wedding because I cannot wait for the day when my husband and I make the commitment before God, our families, and our friends to love each other forever.

When that day comes, the love I have for my husband will always come before my job.

My wedding day is going to signify that a new chapter in my life has officially started, one that I will be sharing with another person. This chapter of my story is going to last for the rest of my life, and that excites me to no end. I am so excited to grow closer and closer to my future husband and grow a beautiful life with him.

I cannot wait for the day my husband and I start a family together. I am so excited for the days when our children will make their grand entrance into the world, and we can teach them about the love of God and the amazing things about the world around them together. I hope and pray that our love will serve as a wonderful example of what true love (pardon the cliché) looks like, and how God's love is reflected through that.

I already have so much love in my heart for my future husband. I have no idea where or who he is, but I have made the promise to both myself and God that I will love him with all my heart, and I will do everything I can to make a beautiful life with him.

Advancing a career is an important and admirable thing to do in life, but it will not always be there for me. Jobs are merely temporary things. Even if I find one that I really like and work in a certain place for several years, I will always value the love that my husband and I share over that career. I intend to have a marriage that lasts forever, and no career will ever be able to take up that place in my heart.