Do you have a bae? Someone that you like? Someone you've been dating? Well, if you are struggling with ways to make them swoon, look no further. This list isn't just for women because everybody needs to feel wanted, right? This is guaranteed to make your person swoon (OK, fainting is a little extreme, but you get the idea).

Here are 13 ways you can really capture their attention:

1. Take them back to where you had your first date

It would be cute if you both wore the same outfits that you wore during that first date.

2. Send them flowers just because

Even just a single flower or donuts! If you really want to step up your game, maybe be like the man who sent his wife flowers every week for 70 years!

3. Give them a handmade gift

Show off your crafty side. This is such a thoughtful thing to do.

4. Leave them a handwritten notes 

Do something simple. Perhaps, write them a poem or write down something that they said that you remembered.

5. Take them out on a surprise date

Tell them what to wear, pick them up and don't tell them what you're doing or where you are going.

6. Pick up on small details

Compliment if you notice their outfit or if their hair is different. Text them good morning and goodnight.

7. Take interest in their interests

Explore their music they listen to. Do they have a favorite game they like to play? They'll appreciate the effort!

8. Hug them from behind

This is such a simple act, but a hug from behind feels great and they are the best kind of hugs.

9. Have thoughtful conversations

Intelligence is attractive. Conversations that make you think hours after you've had them are the best ones. Even having a witty conversation is great because you get to make each other laugh.

10. Be chivalrous

Open doors for them, provide comfort, give them a jacket when they are cold, stand up for them, etc. The list could go on and on.

11. Give massages and play with their hair

Who wouldn't want that?

12. Be well kept 

Make an effort to look nice and don't be a slob. Being well groomed and smelling nice and having a decent fashion sense is all that matters.

13. Be kind to their friends and family

Remember, if their friends and family don't like you, that's probably not a good thing.