I feel as though there is a stigma surrounding young mothers and married women.

Maybe it's the fact that my generation puts the value of a high income and a successful, steady lifestyle before being happy and healthy in life. What other parties may fail to understand is we don't care about what anyone has to think or say.

Everyone is on a different path in life and no two people are ever really the same. Some get married and have kids while they are young and others take their dream career to the forefront of their mind and don't even try to date in college. I know for me, personally, I cannot wait to start building a life with my fiance.

Others may have their own opinions, saying that tying the knot too young can be a slippery slope. They ask questions like “But are you sure he's the one? Why don't you at least try to date around?" or “You don't want to travel and be single?" or my favorite, “Does this mean you're going to have kids soon?"

Why does any of this have to relate to marriage? I am allowed to make my own choices that I believe are good for my life, no matter what views others may have. My relationship is one that is full of love and support. I think others may just fail to understand that one can find this type of companionship so young.

It doesn't always take decades to find the one you want to share a life and home with. As I said before, everyone has a different path in life. It seems as though shaming someone for their own personal pursuits is, I don't know, wrong? It's not like anyone can just pick and choose how their life goes.

Being engaged while you're in college gets you a lot of mixed feedback. There are certainly those who are head over heels for me and they are so incredibly happy for me and my fiance. Though, there are also the select few who have some things to say about being engaged to be married so young. I've learned to just turn the other way and not focus on those who spread negativity.

I think it is important to recognize and celebrate life's milestones, especially for your loved ones. I can tell you that the support I have gotten has been so beautiful and has made me feel incredibly loved. I would never want someone to feel upset about becoming a new parent or being married. No matter what age you are, it's a wonderful thing and everyone is completely deserving of love!

To those who do not show you support, cut the negativity out! You don't need those in your life if they don't want to celebrate with you! You deserve to be a little selfish and talk about your future because it's exciting! Don't let anyone rain on your parade!

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