All the single ladies put ya hands up!

Single as we all are, our time may be drawing to an end because breakup season is upon us. That cute guy from home just so happened to break it off with his girlfriend, who you knew he wouldn't last dating, especially through the summer. Many people are going to make the transition from cuffed to uncuffed, because now that it's warm there's no need for a constant cuddle buddy anymore. Sucks for them, really, but it's great for us. One person's uncuffing is another's window of possibility.

I've been very down in the dumps about being single for the last couple of months. I find a great guy, who proceeds to ghost me for another girl, and I just fall back into the same bad habits of going for the wrong person. That's something all of us single people have to deal with. Sometimes they think they want you, but when an ex or someone they think is better comes around, you're easily replaceable. While breakup season is great for those of us who are single, it's important to keep your guard up, because a breakup these days is often never a true breakup.

While being single in the colder months is bleak and pretty depressing at times in my opinion, when the warmth of summer rolls around, being single really isn't bad anymore. People are looking for summer flings, so there's going to be someone down to have some fun. Of course, if you want a long lasting relationship, it could turn into one, but don't put all your eggs in one basket too soon.

I think of summer and I think of everything but being single. We've all got so much going on, whether we're working or doing an internship, or catching up with friends who don't go to school with you. Your future is so important, and focusing on getting cuffed isn't going to do anything for it. That being said, you're only young once and the summer offers the ability to live it up without worrying about grades or drama. You're back home and the world is your oyster.

Go for the boy or girl you want to go for. Summer is a fresh start for everyone, so making it count by going for who you want is very important. Don't hold back because not every opportunity comes around more than once. That person you've had your eye on could get scooped up by someone else who was crushing on them. Keep your chin up and your options open, because your time as a single person may come to an end.

Turn your frown upside down because breakup season is here and I'm here for it.