Forty percent of all long-distance relationships will inevitably end. People grow up, find more opportunities and grow apart. Kind of depressing, right? But hopefully, these practices will be your long-distance relationship's saving grace!

1. Communication is key.

Communication is key. Without communication, your relationship is doomed.

Your significant other wants to know about your day, any co-workers you don't like and that funny cat video that made you smile. These things will start conversations about your day and theirs. Give details! Details make the story specific and bring attention to the things you like or dislike.

I promise they will appreciate your remembering that they LOVE pistachio ice-cream and they hate Jillian. Your boo wants to know who you hang out with and what you do miles away. Tell them.

Get to know their roommates (if they have any) and their family members. If anything happens, they will reach out to you. Connecting with the people they see most will bring you closer to them, making you feel like you're actually apart of their life.

2. Trust is a biggie.

Trust in a long-distance relationship is stronger than the uncuttable piece of yarn in Hercules.

Once you establish how much you care, your significant other will do anything to keep that trust. You will never know everyone they hang out with or every concert venue they visit. That is a hard pill to swallow.

Alas, it is easier if you have already established indubitable trust.

3. How much more space do you need over 2000 miles away?!

I know I said communication is key. But if you talk from sunrise to sunset, you'll eventually run out of topics to talk about. Respect their boundaries when they go out with friends or have to work. Wait until something super duper exciting happens and you get that "OHMYGOSH, I have to tell them this at the end of the day" feeling.

4. Encouragement is encouraged.

No matter your situation, encouragement is always, well, encouraged.

Your loved one needs to know that you are proud of them. They like to hear "Oh honey!! I am SO proud of you!" This allows them to feel comfortable telling you about their successes, even if you aren't so successful right now.

They gain confidence knowing they have someone watching them and cheering them on. Even when they aren't doing so well at the moment, pick them up and tell them that they will get through it and crush it.

5. Practice acceptance.

Accepting whatever they choose is a great way to illustrate how much you love them.

If they want to move even further away from you, just accept that they are finding more opportunities, or maybe even a safer place to stay. If they choose a different field to work in, it is their decision. They know what is best for them.

This also applies if they choose to be with someone else. If you love them, let them go. If they come back, they are yours.

6. Motivation keeps you pushing.

Long-distance is hard, for sure. But keep your long-term goal in mind. Do you eventually want to marry your significant other? To move in with him or her?

Maintain a goal for you guys to make the long-distance more bearable. It is very easy to lose motivation when you lose sight of your goal. Have a goal and stick to it.

7. Be the happiest kind of happy.

Being happy without your lover is exhausting. You're constantly missing them and wishing you were with them. It is hard to maintain happiness this way.

Just remember that you had a life, hobbies and friends before them. Love yourself, love what you do and love them. Those are the three things you need to maintain your happiness (and your love).