Whether you're already in a couple or at the beginning of a budding relationship, Fall is the perfect time to try out some new date ideas. And more often than not, what he picks to do on your date says a lot about who he is as a boyfriend.

1. Hiking

He's an adventurous, outdoorsy guy and wants to go exploring with you. A hike can easily be romantic, but he's also looking for a genuine partner that he can experience the world with and have fun with.

2. Dinner at a cozy restaurant

He's a classy guy with a sense of style. He wants to spend his time and money on good food and good atmosphere (and good company). But this cozy atmosphere is also important to him, because he wants to get to know you in a setting he can actually talk to you.

3. Apple Picking

He's a hopeless romantic and he wants to have a sweet, classic, romantic movie-esque romance with you. He's creative and wants to have interesting outings with you.

4. Scary Movie Marathon

He might be a little dorky (in a cute way, of course). He might not be much of a talker, and may be a little uncomfortable at first, but once he opens up a bit, you two can have amazing conversations.

5. Drinking Pumpkin Spiced Lattes at a Coffee Shop

He's not super adventurous or spontaneous, but he's probably a great conversationalist and really fun to just hang out with, without the expectation of some grand romantic gestures or the tension of a large social setting.

6. A Halloween Party

He's the type of guy who wants to have a good time. He wants to have fun with you in a social setting. You might even go in a couples costume.