When you’ve been through a number of heartbreaks and broken promises, finding the right guy will make you feel a type of relief that you never knew existed. At first, you’re going to be terrified because you don’t want him to leave like the others did, because he’s different. You’ll tell yourself to keep your heart guarded just in case, but you won’t be able to help falling for him. He’ll make you see and feel things that you’ve never felt before. The first things being trust and confidence. There won’t be any worry with him whatsoever. You won’t have to worry about what he’s doing when you aren’t around, who he’s hanging out with, or what girl he might be talking to next. Those feelings completely disappear and are replaced with happiness.

There will always be a smile on your face when you’re with him and your cheeks will start to ache from the unfamiliarity of it. He’ll take you on surprise dates and get you flowers for each “monthly anniversary.” He’ll wipe the tears from your face when you’re venting to him about something you’re going through. He will never ever make you cry unless they’re tears of joy. You won’t be worried to tell your friends and family because you know they’ll love him. You’ll lay in bed at night wondering what you did to deserve someone so truly amazing and caring.

When he meets your parents, they’ll tell you how sweet and kind he is and how easy it was to talk to him. They'll say, "You've got yourself a good guy." Hearing that come from your parents just solidifies the feeling of confidence you have in him. When it’s time to meet his parents, you’ll be nervous and anxious because you want to make a good impression. Once you walk through the door, they’ll greet you and hug you and you’ll feel like you’re at home. It’s hard to be so comfortable around people you’ve just met, but it was a breeze with them.

You’ll feel such relief because the relationship just flows so naturally and easily. Each date and each late night spent watching your favorite show together on Netflix is just the cherry on top of everything else. Each day you feel so blessed to be with him.

As time goes on, you’ll come to realize that you never want to be with anyone else in your life but him. You never realized what it would feel like to be so sure of something until this moment. Even the thought of losing him makes you sick. When he goes out of town on a business trip, you feel like a part of you is missing. You’ll start to talk about the future with him and think about all the fun adventures to come. He makes you understand what the word “love” really means. You’re able to comprehend what all the love songs are talking about. He makes you see that you’ve finally found the right guy, without a doubt.