First dates tend to be awkward and sometimes, we might struggle to make conversation and worry ourselves just a little too much. I mean, after all, these first impressions can really set the tone for the budding relationship (if there even is anything there). Getting to know someone should be fun and not a chore to figure out, so I asked some friends, randoms, and family of mine what they would ask on a first date.

1. "I would ask them what their number one goal in life is. Not in a deep way, I just want to understand them more, I guess."


Understanding what someone wants to make of their life can definitely spark up some conversation on a first date.

2. "Knowing someone's favorite color can tell a lot about them. If they like blue, they are probably very intelligent."


And if say they like indigo, well...

3. "I would honestly ask them to tell me more about themselves, because I like hearing different stories and learning where people are born and where they came from."

Tell me about your mom, your dad, your dog, and your pet scorpion. That's all cool.

4. "Something along the lines of 'What are you studying? And why are you studying that?'"


I know you're trying to save the world, but how?

5. "I'm pretty bold on first dates. I don't want to waste any time so I think I would probably ask if they would want to see me again."


So what are we doing next time?

6. "I never go on dates, but when I do, I ask stupid questions so I don't feel awkward. I ask stuff like 'What song can you sing word for word?' or 'Do you like rap music?' I don't know, maybe that's not even stupid and I just overthink it."

First dates are always going to be awkward, but that's mostly why they're cute, right?

7. "I am a very religious person, so I would ask how they feel about that."

Knowing where someone stands religiously, and sometimes politically can be an important thing to know right off the bat.

8. "'What type of music do you listen to?' can really set the tone for the rest of the date."


The unofficial dealbreaker. Ha, just kidding (but not really).

9. "I'm a nerd and I would want to see if they are a nerd too. That would be so cool."

Because, hey, nerd is the word.

10. "I would want to know more about his family, siblings, and parents. That is important to me."


This one could go south quickly, so proceed with caution.

11. "I'd just ask about things they like to do in their free time to see what we have in common."


No way! You like to edit Wikipedia articles too?