While some might be completely oblivious to your antics, I am not. I notice it, I see you, I hear you and yes, just as you guessed it, I hate you.

I would like to make this crystal clear. Not one human is owned by another human until you put a ring on it and even then, you are not owned, but you have promised to spend the rest of your life with them.

And although I am not married, I would like to say that, that is my boyfriend, I reserve the rights to be the only one flirting with him. Yes, I said it. Shoot me.

There's two type of girls who I hate, the one blatantly chooses to flirt with my boyfriend although she is aware that my boyfriend has a girlfriend—me—and ones who actually have no idea and are just trying to get some.

To the girls who know: You're not going to know what hits you baby girl, but a strong storm is coming your way. And I mean it—strong.

You are not only the worst type of girl but the absolute worst type of person. And I know I am not alone on this one. You are a home wrecker, and one day, karma will come back around and get you—bad.

Not only am I not phased by your ignorance, but I am not threatened by it.

You're the type of girl who doesn't deserve someone like my boyfriend, and I know, for a fact, he'll see right through you. And turn you down, just like many guys have....and that's why you're single- right?

To the girls who don't know: I have one thing to say to you, now you know.

Again, you're not threatening in any shape way or form but, you disgust me. Please go pick on someone your that is your speed because, sorry. Chances are, you're a five. I don't even have to say this, but there's no competition.

Sorry, not sorry.

One day, when you have a boyfriend you will understand, but for now, you can keep being an ignorant child.

Do not touch, do not talk, DO. NOT. TOUCH.

I will continue to mind my own business when you mind yours.