Relationships are not easy, but we should still find happiness in every relationship we are in. All relationships go through ups and downs. They take work and two committed people to keep it strong.

It takes forgiving someone at times you do not want to. I have had to realize I am not always right, and I do not have to get my way every time. Good relationships are good for the soul so when you find your person you will know.

Being able to have your best friend as your partner is one of the greatest things. Every day you spend with each other is like a new adventure. You will forever be grateful for the memories y'all make together. You will find trust in that person that is incomparable to anything else.

A good partner will trust you, communicate with you, and lastly, love you unconditionally. Good relationships are better for the soul, so once you find yours trust me you will never stop smiling.

Christin Pugh

When I first met my boyfriend, I never knew I would love him the way I do now. I had been talking to him for a couple of months and decided I would give him the chance to take me on a date. I had the best time with him that night. We got to know each other so well.

I knew the night I met him there was something special about him. He never let me open my own door, and to this day he still won't let me. He had and still has so much respect for me and my family, and that respect is something I will be grateful for forever.

He was the quietest and most shy person. He is the type of boy that just goes with the flow. He usually avoids conflicts to keep everyone happy. If you have ever been around him you can tell he has the most caring personality. He never fails to make me smile.

This boy has changed my world since the day I met him. He goes out of his way every day to make sure I am the happiest girl alive. He spoils me and surprises me constantly with gifts. I will forever be appreciative of the effort he puts into our relationship.

Being in a relationship with someone so loving has been so amazing. I appreciate every memory we make together, and I will always be grateful for our relationship. This boy coming into my life has changed me in so many ways. He always reminds me to not stress and always look on the bright side.

If everyone in this world could be more laid-back like him it would be a stress-free environment. I thank God everyday for placing such a great guy in my life. Once you find the man of your dreams, trust me you will forever be grateful!

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