I'm no "jewelry wearing" type girl, but when it comes to my engagement ring I guess I must make an exception. I have sentimental pieces that I make a point to wearing on occasion, but I went the majority of my life not necessarily caring if jewelry was part of my wardrobe.

Now that I'm older, wiser, and freaking engaged (!!!)—I have to change my ways a bit.

Since I'm more in the swing of things with wearing my ring daily, I have questions that I find myself asking my fiancé, who clearly has no idea of the answer, rather frequently. Maybe there are thousands of other girls like me who not only have questions—but don't know who to ask the questions to.

So ladies, here are my seven daily struggles with wearing my engagement ring after going years without being a "jewelry fanatic":

1. Are we ever suppose to take it off?

I've heard people argue that you should never take your engagement ring off, but I mean, COME ON? I go from hardly wearing rings to having to wear one permanently for the rest of my life? So what's the correct answer? Take it off when I want to or only when I have to?

When I go to bed should I take it off like they say you should take off necklaces? Yes I get it won't suffocate you in your sleep, but what if my fingers swell overnight and the ring cuts off my circulation? I wake up with one less finger.

Take it off then? If not... when?

2. Where is an "okay" place to leave it?

I don't wear jewelry so no I don't have a jewelry box. Each time I think of taking it off I catch a sparkle of it in my eye and remind myself it was worth a pretty penny. Losing this ring won't be like replacing the promise ring your boyfriend got you in middle school—(which by the way I never wore and ended up losing). I think it's only normal for me to take it off a few times in my life, so when I finally decide to…


3. I have to remember to get the thing cleaned?

I can't even remember to clean my phone half the time and it spends a good bit of the day pressed up against my face. How the hell am I to remember to clean something that requires me to actually leave my house? Seems like a lot of effort for someone who doesn't care about jewelry, but we make sacrifices for the people we love and the things we love. The more this rock is on my finger the more obligated I feel to take care of it.

What am I becoming?

4. Will Chlorine/Water dull the shine?

I don't know if this is a dumb question or a smart one, but that's not stopping me from asking it. Truthfully, I feel like these rings should come with directions, but I'm not about to be the petty b*tch needing help with something no bigger than a quarter. How hard can it be? You put it on your finger, keep it there for life, and hope for the best, am I right?

5. Is it normal to look down 50+ times a day and make sure all the diamonds are still there?

I'm not sure if it's my anxiety acting up, OCD, I'm just trying to find something to worry about, or a mixture of the three, but I'm constantly counting to make sure all of the diamonds are still right where I left them. Does this nervousness of my ring ever stop? Or will I be worrying it's falling apart in front of me for the rest of my life?

"1, 2, 3, OH SHIT WHERE IS TH-oh nevermind, just the angle, there it is. 4, 5.."

6. Will this ring really leave a mark on my finger?

I've heard of some weird shit happening if you take your ring off after a really long time. I heard it can turn your finger a different color, leave an indentation, or even scar you. Are they all ghost stories? Or do some have some truth behind it?

*Gets engaged, Googles every horror story there ever was to wearing engagement ring.*

7. Why do I feel this weird emptiness when I take my ring off?

I did something the other night, and took my ring off. Immediately I felt this overwhelming sense of vulnerability. Almost like I was missing apart of myself that I didn't know I gained by wearing this ring. I make so many jokes about having to force myself into being the girl that enjoys wearing her ring, but recently I don't think I could find an ounce of courage in me to ever become the girl again who once hated wearing jewelry. Hell, maybe it is most jewelry that I'll always hate, but I can't help but ask if this ring has changed me. With as many questions as I ask and as nervous as I get, It has brought me a sense of security I didn't know I needed.

So answer my questions, or don't..

I don't think it'll matter one way or the other honestly.