Christian girls have a dream, and that dream is to find a Christian man who will love the Lord more than He loves anything—a guy who will ultimately go to church and pray with her. Seems like the best thing in the world, right?

Christian boyfriends are GREAT, BUT Christian ex-boyfriends are the worst. What was once the most attractive thing about them can soon turn into an insult after a breakup. I have found myself contemplating on the thought as to whether he truly believes that he is a better Christian than me.

Sometimes it feels like Christian guys share a breakup handbook. A handbook that displays the best way to break a girl's heart without it falling back on the guys themselves. In a sense, it feels as though they use God as a shield, and I don't think Psalm 18:2, "in whom I take refuge; My shield to hide the blow" translates to God's purpose being to protect you from the blow of a breakup buddy.

Listed are five common ways that are seen too many times by Christian girls everywhere.

1. The reason for the breakup: God is calling him out of it

Oh, how this seems to be the go-to. The Christian boy explains that he no longer sees this working out, not because of anything the girl did specifically but because God is telling him this relationship is no longer good for the two of you.

This is the easiest exit route. What Christian girl is going to bad mouth God? Not me! Seems like an easy way for a guy who just doesn't have feelings for you anymore to skrt-skrt on out of there. That's cool that God told you this relationship is plummeting, I guess I must have missed it.

2. This is all a part of God's plan

"I'm sorry that I'm slowly breaking your heart into a million pieces but God has a greater plan for us. We are not meant to be together because God does not want us to be." What he really is trying to say is it isn't in his specific plan, and he just wants an out. Since he isn't feeling the situation anymore it means God isn't either.

3. The relationship isn't glorifying God

This one always tends to confuse me. Okay, so because we are in love and spend time together that means we are not living a God-filled life? That doesn't make sense. Some people believe you need to be involved in a certain amount of activities within the church to be a true Christian.

However, for anyone who truly believes in God, it is a personal relationship that is held with him. Basically, this Christian guy realized that the relationship is no longer benefiting him, so he places the blame on God.

4. His relationship with God needs work

This has to be one of my favorites. Basically, their relationship with God isn't looking so hot, so they're going to blame it on your relationship. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was dragging you down in your faith. Is it impossible for you to multitask? Work on your relationship with God AND me? It's even better when you see him a week later with a new girl. WOW! That relationship got patched up real quick!

5. He'll be praying for you

For the grand finale they are going to let you know that even though they are the reason behind why you'll be crying for the next three weeks in bed with Ben & Jerrys, they'll still be praying for you., thank you. I can pray for myself. Please do not talk to God about me anymore, thanks.