From the moment I met you, I knew you would be someone I would never forget.

We clicked from the first hello. That natural connection is something neither of us should even attempt to deny. It was there, it was evident. Spending time with you was like spending time with myself—you understood all of my little quirks, you had the same outrageous sense of humor, you had the same drive to succeed. They say when you meet someone who is so much like you, that's how you know you've met the one. They were right when it came to you and I.

But timing had something else in mind.

You came into my life during the messiest of times, but you didn't mind. We made things work for a while, but eventually, that bad timing caught up with us. We fought so hard against it, but in the end, the bad timing came out on top. It's devastating to think that just because I met you at the wrong time in life this would impact our relationship so much. If I just would've met you when I was a bit older and had grown out of my reckless ways, I swear things would've worked out so much better. We'd still be together. We'd still be happy. We'd still be in love.

But that isn't the way things were. Instead, you will always be engraved in my heart as the right person, wrong time. You were everything I've ever wanted in a partner. You were spontaneous and liked to pick me up at midnight with no idea where in the world we'd be headed. You wanted the family and the white picket fence I had always dreamed of having. You were the definition of the person I want to spend forever with that I created as a young girl.

But it was the wrong damn time. And that ruined it all.

I hate that that's how I'll forever remember you because we should've been something amazing.

But instead, we're both left heartbroken and states away wondering if we'll ever find a love as great as what we used to have. As what should've been, if only timing was on our side.